January 2012 - Your Looks! Your City Chic!

Towards the end of last year, I did a really popular post featuring some of the amazing girls from the City Chic Facebook Page... I have decided to try and do this as a semi regular feature as it will showcase lots of different women, in lots of different, FIERCE - City Chic looks... Oh yeah.

Hayley (below) posted her outfit for Christmas Day to City Chic's facebook page and it made me so excited - the sunshine, swimming pool and sunglasses are LOVELY and Hayley looks amazing!

I asked all the girls featured: 

"What do you love about City Chic..."

Here is Hayley's response:

I love that City Chic's clothes are so stylish and cater for women like me that adore their curves, and let me express myself the way I want to without being judged. I have recently purchased some lingerie that I love & of course my husband also loves & it makes me feel so sexy.

I also love that I can walk into my local store and buy anything I like, without being limited to a tiny plus sized section which usually have baggy, potato sake looking clothes or being looked at like "what are you even doing in this shop - nothing will fit you".

AND (!!) I love when City Chic has sales also - hubby doesn't exactly love this as much as me (something about a credit card being in debit all the time!)

Another reader picked up a bargain via the Stateside City Chic Site in the amazing City Chic sales... Lauren (below) is wearing the Pink Tulle Prom Dress...

And you know it, I asked Lauren - What she loves about CC!!

I adore City Chic because, every now and then, they'll come out with a piece that you have to have. The piece that will make you a talking point - that will change the tone of a whole event. Sometimes, that fashion choice can define your whole outlook on something. I love knowing how I'm going to feel wearing for a whole evening just by putting on some beautifully crafted fabric.

I totally agree with Lauren that clothing and how we feel about ourselves in that clothing can help us feel great for a whole evening! Comfortable, Confident and Sexy goes a LONG WAY!!

Finally - I got an email from Kerrie in Australia. Kerrie (below) has been in Australia for over a year, having moved across from New Zealand! Kerrie told me about hitting the Australian stores and loving CC clothes!

And of course, Kerrie told me what she loves about City Chic!

Every time I go into City Chic there are lovely ladies helping me out… I think CC makes you feel comfortable going into the store with their beautiful smiles and sexy style.

I had never worn swimwear until I found it instore one day and I tried it on. I thought it would be another piece that wouldn't be long enough and to my surprise it fitted me like a glove! When I got to the beach I walked around with such pride! Im 6ft tall and have found it hard to find things long enough, but at CC they cater to every type of body and I love that I can go in and always walk out with jeans that will touch the floor, or a top that will cover my tummy or even a maxi that falls nicely!

My favourite item would have to be my Pink "So Cute" Dress that I have worn about 100 times over! I have these in all colours and love to add accessories and belts etc etc.!

These girls are all pretty amazing and I am so pleased they've let me feature them here on the City Chic blog. They are also from all over and this post helps emphasise how many of you girls are loving CC. I adore the different looks here - as well as the different use of accessories and personal flair. 

Happy New Year everyone! I can not wait to really get my teeth into 2012!

Smooch - Em. x.


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