I got the FEVER!


Don't you just love that the crazy season is over and City Chic (both in Australia and in the STATES) has loads of new, great items in stock. I saw from my last post, that a few of you got some great items in the sale - and I LOVE that. Always so exciting... but heck - NOTHING beats NEW stock! I'm LOVING all the Mod Looks and am so excited to order myself some new items tomorrow when even MORE come in...


In the sale, I got myself the Aztec Fever Top and I adore it. I've been having a super relaxed week - catching up with friends, running errands and enjoying the mild winter here in London. This top has easily fitted into my everyday look and I like how I can wear it through the day and then to the pub on a night.

You'll have seen in the last few months, to supplement my DRESS ADDICTION (ARGH)!! I've started wearing shorts and my little skirt a bit more. I'm LOVING it. Until recently it had been AGES since I'd worn a top and I am so pleased I've re-embraced them. 

Do you all go through clothing phases? My look is pretty defined by now, but I do flux between what I enjoy on a day to day basis. 

For today's post - I have paired the Aztec Fever Top with a couple of CLASSIC City Chic pieces - a simple, comfortable denim skirt and ruffled bolero top.  

Simple and Fabulous.

It's lovely when it's that easy, huh?



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