Aw! I miss you all!

I better talk about London before the pangs of homesickness gets to me! I've had a really lovely week. I'm heading off on a wee road trip tomorrow up through Scotland with Darcy - but wanted to tell you what I've been up to and what I'm loving instore at City Chic this week.

This week, here in London, I 've been super busy doing some freelance days in at the BBC. It was quite exciting - I was working on an amazing documentary for release later in the year. VERY different to the type of material I usually work on - so it was quite a good challenge!

Also, I went to the launch of the latest UK based Underwear Range by Celebrity Stylist Gok Wan... It was pretty fab and I got to see Gok, himself!

Boombands Em Photo from the New Gok Wan Lingerie for Simply Yours. Vintage Styles thanks to his "Hall of Fame" Collection. Colours in Crush, Blush and Slate.

Next week, I'm attending a big event in London for UK Bloggers called Plus London Two. There will be OVER 100 plus-size women and bloggers at the event and I can not wait. I'm sure we'll talk fashion, shopping and style! It will be an amazing event and I plan to wear City Chic. I get LOADS of questions about the brand when I'm out here in London and it's nice to feel like I can share details on my favourite brand with so many other girls. 

I am contemplating what to wear... I know some girls will go all out in glitzy dresses and bling, while others will keep it cool and casual! I think a signature style City Chic dress with wicked accessories and great boots is the way to go... And at the moment, I have plenty of options! I am SO in love with the current range. 

City Chic Mod Looks for Inside Chic by Boombands EM.
What do you rekon? All of these would work with tights, boots and a City Chic jacket, huh? Hmm. I LOVE planning outfits and essentially - this is a mega day/night "out with the girls"... Isn't it lovely? A great event and the challenge of what to wear? I will keep you posted!

Smooches, Em. x.

PS. If you are Stateside - Don't miss the Feline Valentine's Specials! Rowr!


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