Monday, December 26, 2011

A very CC Christmas

I have noticed recently on the City Chic Facebook page many of you are very passionate about seeing City Chic showcase their fantastic clothes on a variety of different body shapes. Firstly I just wanted to say that the City Chic models are all beautiful and do such an amazing job. I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney at our 'Blog meet' earlier this year and she is as stunning in real life as she is on camera with a great personality to match. City Chic try to show their products in many different lights, one of their main 'alternate' ways of showing you their fantastic clothes is through this Inside Chic blog. All of us bloggers are different body shapes, we all are different sizes and also have different tastes in fashion, this blog is City Chic's way of giving you more. More ways to see different sizes representing City Chic, more entertainment through our posts, and also a way for you to sometimes get involved in posts or to be able to comment and give us feedback. I love City Chic, I love the clothes, I love the stores, I love everything the brand stands for and represents. To me City Chic isn't just a fashion store, it's a community that is able to reach and unite its customers through Facebook and a blog. I have made many new friends through the love of City Chic. As this is my last post for 2011 I wanted to involve some of my new friends in this post and also use it as a way of showing different sizes representing the brand. I asked my new friends to show me what they would be wearing on Christmas Day and why they chose their outfit. Here are the lovely ladies and their choices;

Debi is wearing one of the fabulous dresses from the 
Nauti-Cool collection in a Size M. Debi had this to say about her choice; "I love this dress, it's cute, comfy, and girly without being over the top."  

Jodie is wearing the Stripe Military Girl Dress (CURRENTLY ON SALE) in a Size M. "I'm wearing this dress for Christmas because it's functional and cool. I love how sexy it makes me feel! I feel like I can do anything, it just gives me so much confidence!"

Tash is wearing the Printed Lace Back Tunic in a XL and the 3/4 Tights in a L. This is what Tash had to say about her gorgeous outfit; "I absolutely love all of the Lace Back Tunics! They would definitely be my ultimate City Chic item! It's great to have plus sized clothing that makes you feel sexy, confident, and feminine." 

Stacey is wearing the Knot Front Dress in a Size S. Stacey said; "I love this dress, especially for Christmas! It's Red and very flattering, it makes me feel very Mrs Claus."

I, like Tash decided to wear the Printed Lace Back Tunic (I'm wearing the Size M and teamed it with my City Chic Military Bolero from earlier this year). I absolutely love City Chic's Tunic range and am slowly building up my collection. I love how versatile this Tunic is, I was wearing it with full length leggings and black peep-toe wedges off to a Christmas party but I could also team it with 3/4 leggings and sandals for a Festival or BBQ. I love the frill detail around the chest area and of course the print!

I'd like to thank the girls for taking the time to snap some photos and send them to me, I think everyone looks amazing in their City Chic finest! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have a great New Year!

Will you be wearing City Chic for New Years? If you are don't forget to snap some photos and share them with us on the City Chic Facebook page.

Party Safe Ladies!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from the beach in Sydney

Just a quick post to wish all you lovely ladies a very Merry Christmas. My Christmas day is nearing the end here in Sydney, Australia, but I know its only just beginning for many of you City Chic fans around the world. I spent the day on the beach with family, first Bronte beach for a picnic lunch and a swim then we walked over the picturesque cliff top walk to the famous Bondi beach for some sunset fish and chips. Was the perfect day to break out my new City Chic embroidered maxi dress and my much loved City Chic fringed sheer kimono which are both currently sold out online but may still be in store come tomorrow for the sure to be fantastic BOXING DAY SALE!!! Good luck with the sale and I hope that your Christmas is/was as fantastic as could be.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

You Girls Make Me SMILE!!

First off ladies, THANK YOU so much for the great response to my post last week. I got emails, FB messages and comments and I wanted to say that I really appreciate them all. I have been away for the last week (since I wrote that post, actually!) so will respond to you all personally in the next few days! Thank you. Xxx.

But for today's post something a little more celebratory... I Love Christmas! I adore spending beautiful, personal time with the people I love and feeling so fortunate for another year...

I find the Pre-Christmas sales maddening though! I LOVE TOOOOO many things! I have seen LOTS of you girls going just crazy with the amazing 50% off sales that have been running on the Aussie City Chic site and American City Chic site!

My choices for the upcoming festive celebrations...

For Christmas - The Knot Front Dress! Before anyone yells at me about Red being a Christmas Cliche - I just want to say... I don't care! It is SOOOO pretty. My FAVOURITE Christmas photo of myself (ever) is a Christmasy one from 2006 (right). I am in a City Chic dress... it's red(!!) and I look totally like one of Santa's Helpers. I STILL have the dress - and I have worn it SO MUCH that by now, I have kept it for nostalgia, more than anything else! 

Red is an amazing colour that absolutely brightens up a room - for those of you working it this Christmas - Heck Yeah, Ladies!

For New Years, I am loving LOTS of City Chic looks, but my pick for a warm Aussie New Years would be the Coral Ruffle Rumba Dress. HOT.

Hmm... BUT, if you aren't into dresses, the Black Hot Weave Top with a pair of City Chic jeans would be AMAZING too.

For my Christmas day I will be rocking a dress from a few posts back... 

The Warrior Maiden Dress is my absolute FAVE right now and I can't resist it for Christmas Day. Whether you celebrate or not at this time of year, I hope you have a fabulous, safe and happy time.

Merry Christmas from your City Chic blogger in London Ladies!


Em. x.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Store Style: Bahamarama/Summer Lovin - Kirsty Kovacs

Look out girls summer is here and City Chic gives us some seriously hot styles to ensure we are looking nothing short of fabulous this summer. Here are a few in store favourites.

Floaty Tops & Kaftans with bright prints & colours:

These tops are the perfect way to introduce colour into your wardrobe. They are light weight and the band at the bottom helps hide any tummy problems (woo hoo). You can wear them with denim shorts and sandals for a casual look or black pants, nice heels and a bolero for a dressier occasion.

Kaftans are a must have this summer. You can layer these with a plain cami or boobtube over jeans/shorts for a quick and effortless outfit. Add some City Chic accessories to complete the look.

Myself wearing the Tropical Garden Kaftan & Store Manager, Sharee wearing the Grasslands Animal Top.

What a gorgeous jacket. I love the ¾ sleeve with lace cuff, it gives the jacket that little something extra special. It drapes beautifully from the front with an angled hem and the back gives a nice shape with pleats and pretty lace.

City Chic team member Renae shares her signature look:

Usually I survive summer in dresses and denim shorts. However I have been eyeing off the Harem Pant trend since it came out earlier this year. I’ve tried so many pairs on but I always found they didn’t sit right or didn’t feel as comfy as they look like they would. Lucky for me & just as I was about to give up too, City Chic came out with the Relax Harem Pant. Ladies I am proud to announce we have a winner!! These are THE comfiest pants I own! As soon as I tried them on I knew I would be living in them all summer. They are made from a fabulous light weight fabric that hangs beautifully on your legs and the elastic waist makes them extra comfy. The rouched skinny leg is perfect for showing off a pair of hot wedges, stylish sandals or even your fresh pedicure in a comfy pair of thongs. I’ve worn them so much since getting them that my sister has banned me from wearing them to this Sundays High Tea hehe.

Here is my signature outfit featuring my favourites from the current campaigns in store.

What are your favourite pieces in store at the moment? E-mail me a picture of you in your  City Chic summer outfit and I’ll feature you in a future blog post :D

Glossy Kisses

Kirsty xxx

Friday, December 16, 2011

LWD - The Little White Dress

Everyone knows how versatile a LBD (little black dress) is in ones wardrobe but not everyone knows the same can be said about a LWD (little white dress). Especially this Summer with white being such a huge trend. White just goes with everything but I think it looks particularly cute teamed with brown accessories which is what I did here, teaming my City Chic Summer Lovin white Broderie Anglaise dress $119.95 AUD with an old wooden necklace from a craft market, my always handy City Chic brown leather belt $39.95 AUD and my recent opshop score of the year, a vintage brown basket bag.

 Like most parts of Australia it has been pretty cold where I've been (in the last month I've been back and forth between Melbourne and Sydney a lot for family stuff) so I teamed my City Chic Summer Loving Dress with some leggings for some warmth, but when those Summer days finally arrive I'll gladly bare my legs in this cute as frock.

As always I'm still digging the socks with sandals look. I know its not everyone's cup of tea but for me it just adds that something extra to an outfit. In the photo you can see just how nice the Broderie Anglaise embroidery detail is on the dress, I always fall for Broderie.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The truth about my Little Belly...

PhotobucketI thought a lot about what I should post on here today. And because I follow the facebook page, I thought I might talk a little about myself.

Of all your bloggers here on Inside Chic, only one of us would ever really define ourselves as a model. All of us are really normal girls, who wear City Chic and LOVE fashion. A few of you recently discussed your desire to see City Chic clothes on women, you identify, as being "more like you". I think a request came through from quite a few girls that they'd like to see a model with an "apron of fat". Hmm. Well...

I never really discuss this much on the internet, but here goes.

Ladies, I have an apron of fat.


My apron of fat isn't massive, I carry most of my weight on my breasts, hips and thighs... But, that being said, I am a plus size girl and like many of you, I don't just have a belly, I have a little apron of fat. I usually wear tights (what with living in the UK) and they usually hold this little apron against me. I don't really dress to accentuate my belly, but it's there. 

To be honest, in my personal life, my belly is something I've come to accept about myself quite happily... But that took time. When I started dating my partner (of three years now), I knew he could see my hips, boobies and thighs when I wore my clothes out and about - there's no missing them... But he couldn't (in any obvious way) see my little "belly apron". It took me time to let him see I had it, and then even more time before I'd let him rest his hand on my tummy. Today, I feel quite comfortable about it...


I am 32 and wear a City Chic size "Large". In jeans and pants... 18 or 20 (depending on fabric stretch). I am 5'5", with F Cup boobies and size ten feet... I'm not perfect, but I'm pretty happy, feel good about myself and okay with how I am. I like this body of mine... and its little apron of fat.

I also REALLY love that City Chic helps me dress my body so stylishly. 

PhotobucketWhen City Chic asked me to be a blogger (almost two years ago now), I took the request very seriously. So did they. I've been chosen, like the other girls, to help represent the City Chic woman. Like the models who work for CC,  I'm representing a brand which is for a woman larger than a size 12... Honestly? City Chic lets me blog with them because I AM plus-size, AM just like you, because City Chic - as a company - recognises and completely values you. I ain't no model. I HAVE an apron of fat and I was asked to be involved with City Chic - BECAUSE I am just like so many of you.

I have a blog of my own, and neither here nor there do I often discuss my body (or personal life) so openly... I hope I haven't offended anyone, but also hope you can see what I am trying to say about my being so similar to so many of you girls. 

I adore City Chic and by myself (from LONDON!!) have written this with quite some passion today. This brand makes me feel great. Fierce, gorgeous, beautiful, happy, FEMININE and FASHIONABLE. 

If YOU would like to be involved by showing off some of your style - email me photos of yourself looking gorgeous in City Chic that I might post online here, post pictures to the City Chic facebook page, or tell me what you want me to try on for this blog here. 

I'm ready for you!

Smooch - Em. x.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Short Crazy! By Teer Wayde

Summer has rolled around again (well for Melbourne locals it changes every day) and all I want to wear is shorts. I'm short crazy!!! So I slipped into my two favorite styles on offer from City Chic and did a little photoshoot.

My tips to wearing shorts :

- Find length you are comfortable with
- If you are afraid to show your bare legs opt for fish net stockings or other non sheer stockings
- Wearing high heels with shorts will always make your legs appear longer and leaner
- Have fun, be brave and show off those pins!!

Cheeky Stripe Cardi - $69.95

High Waist Denim Short Black - $69.95
Sold out online but check your local store

Now this style I had at the start of the year and they have been so loved that they have gone a little grey. I'm wearing these in a size 14 and I find them more roomy than the previous seasons version. That much so I measured them up against my pair from last summer and they seem to be a half a size larger.

I like my high waisted shorts a little tighter as I found these folded slightly at the crouch. But they are so comfortable and sleek I think I can rock them any way. They are loose around the thigh and if you are not sure about the high waist I can promise you that this style does suck your tummy.

Worn with the Cheeky Stripe Cardi which matches perfectly. I adore this cardigan and I have to admit I wear it to death. The stripe patter, bow waist belt and black panel really define your shape. Whether you wear this with shorts, jeans or a skirt the black panel under the bust makes your curves pop! The lace up feature at the back is really cute too.

Next I wanted to show you at similar style in blue. This style is very nautical and can be worn just as easily as the black pair above. I've paired them with a very pinup style top but you can wear any complimenting colour and print with these shorts.

The fabric is not as thick and a little more stretchy than the black pair. Giving these a more laid back beachy feel.

But if these are a little too short for your liking there are lots of different styles to choose from at City Chic, you can find all the shorts here.

Thank you to Michael Alesich from Lucky and Rice for coming over and snapping these shots for me! Click on the link above and check out the Lucky and Rice for more work.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Colour me Happy

I haven't been my usual happy self lately. Last week I fell down the stairs, an Ambulance ride and a Hospital visit later saw me limping on home with a badly sprained ankle. My ankle (or as I call it my Elephant Foot) is still almost double the size, so I haven't ventured far from my front door for over a week now. Brisbane is also a grey place at the moment, we have probably seen one day of sunshine since the start of the month. Needless to say I needed something to brighten up my week, so when my parents offered to take me to lunch this past weekend I knew I needed to wear some colour!

City Chic's Kaftan tops are my new obsession, my favourite being the Garden Floral Kimono Top which I am wearing in the above photo. I love everything about it, the colours are beautiful and instantly cheered me up, it's the perfect light weight over shirt, it ensures I have arm coverage but remain cool and comfortable. I plan on collecting all of the Kaftan's as an easy way to brighten up my wardrobe.

The Bahama-rama collection dropped last week and along came even more colour, these are some of my MUST HAVES!

1. Stripe Play Maxi Skirt - I am absolutely in love with this skirt, it is gorgeous! I would wear it exactly how it is shown on the gorgeous model. Perfect with sandals for a BBQ or with black wedges and a bolero for a funky NYE outfit.

2. Lace Back Print Tunic - The moment I saw this Tunic I HAD to have it so I rushed to my computer and ordered it. The print is absolutely gorgeous and the tunic is very flattering. I will be wearing mine on Christmas Day!

3. Flash Zip Tunic - I adore Tunics and this is no exception. The purple colour is amazing and I love how versatile the tunics are. I could wear it to a festival with tights and sandals or with heels and stockings for a night on the town. 

I am finally embracing colour in my wardrobe after years of shunning it for all black pieces and, I have to say I am feeling GREAT! Are you embracing colour this season? What are your favourite coulourful pieces from City Chic?

This will be my last post before Christmas so I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy your day and please stay safe.

Friday, December 9, 2011

La Curve Fatale - By Sommer Lovely

On Nov. 5th, 2011 T2 Entertainment and True Sheroes sponsored a Fashion Show at the launch of Waid's new Saturday Night's Lounge in Seattle, WA.

The event appropriately titled La Curve Fatale was truly a celebration of curves.

When I was asked to produce the show I was so excited to bring more awareness to plus size fashion in the Pacific Northwest.

The ladies who participated in the show were so full of life, energy, and sex appeal that I was please to announce to them City Chic had agreed to put their clothes in the show.

The show was beautiful with an amazing turn out of support from the community. The girls looked so amazing in the clothes that some of the photographers did an impromptu photo shoot.

These are some of my favourite looks on and off the runway. Photos courtesy of ML2 Photography and Luminescent Photography. Models are Salina McCoy, Michelle Walters, Lovely Morgan, and Justine Rhyne.

Salina is modelling the Lace Insert Dress:

Michelle is in the Paradise Bird Dress:

Lovely is in the Pleat Hem Harper Dress:

Justine did a photo shoot in (my new favourite gown) the Blake Maxi Dress:

Karen showed off the Lace dress( which I already own):

The best part of this show is it showcased women of different shapes and sizes yet each of them look gorgeous and felt confident in there City Chic garments!

Sommer Lovely x

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Colourful tops are ROCKING my world.

I am obsessed with City Chic tops at the moment. OBSESSED. For the last few years I have almost exclusively worn dresses with the occasional pair of jeans creeping in. Right now, I am LOVING City Chic shorts, skirts and tops I LOVE that I can pair some subtle shorts or a skirt with amazing colours and blast away the UK Winter, with flashes of energy and magnificent prints. 

Just above, I am ROCKING the Crazed Geometric Strappy Top with a denim skirt, black leggings and one of my favourite boleros. I often team this with a sexy (p)leather jacket - so my colour just sneaks out. Apart from this top, which I LOVE, I am totally obsessed with the Twisted Stripe Top (left),  that City Chic has released. I mean, HELLO Colour!!!

I must admit to feeling a little jealous right now. With the Summer coming Downunder, you girls will have LOTS of sunshine to bask in, with no need to cover up your chests, arms, legs and shoulders (please remember your SPF though!).

AT LEAST here in the UK, even when it's ZERO degrees, department stores, homes and cafes are all very warm. I rekon I could rock this baby through winter and bring something bright and beautiful to London through the dreary grey months about to come. 

Heck Yeah, City Chic! I LOVE me some colour! YEAH!!!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Trend: White Hot

Remember back in May when I blogged about the trends I saw developing at Australian Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2011/2012? One of them was a clean fresh look of head to toe white I called White Hot? Well the weather is heating up enough so we can finally bring out our hot whites. Westfield's fashion insiders called this trend one of their favourites of the season.

One of the best things about City Chic's recently revamped online store is the ability to search by colour. Above are all the pieces that came up when I searched for white, it looks like the perfect capsule collection of bright whites to get you on your way to white hot heaven. Below I show you how to style two perfectly on trend White Hot looks.

Look 1: White n Tan Glam
White Dress City Chic Summer Lovin Dress $119.95 AUD A beautiful piece with delicate embroidery, perfect for those special occasions.
White Shrug City Chic Chiffon Shrug $49.95 AUD A classic number in chic chiffon.
Tan Belt City Chic Tan Cutout Corset Belt $29.95 AUD Mixing tan with white always looks good.
Tan heels A white dress with tan heels is a classic combo.

Look 2: Beachside Whiteout
White Pants City Chic Beach Harem Pant $69.95 AUD A classic pant for weekend wear.
White Shrug City Chic Chiffon Shrug $49.95 AUD A handy piece for covering up.
White Top City Chic Summer Lace Trim Top $59.95 AUD Chic frills dress this top up.
Silver Bangles City Chic Silver Diamonte Bangle Set $19.95 AUD A fun set of minimal bangles.
White Sandals Head to toe white is a winner with this look.

Is White Hot a trend you'll be wearing this Summer? Let me know in the comments below.