Monday, November 28, 2011

Summer Lovin' had me a blast

Firstly, I apologize for my cheesy Grease reference in the title but the song has been in my head ever since I saw City Chic's latest collection Summer Lovin'. The collection brought along pastel colours and Hilo (or mullet) Skirts and Dresses showing that Summer really is right around the corner. I wanted to share two looks that you could wear to two of my favorite Summer events; The Summer Festival and The Office Christmas Party.


With Summer comes my favorite events; Summer Festivals! Whether you are dancing your butt off at Stereosonic, celebrating New Years Eve at Falls Festival, or running from stage to stage at Big Day Out, you want to wear something that is stylish, cool, weather proof, and most importantly comfortable. The Cami V Front is a gorgeous Summer staple, it's simple and can be dressed up or down with Jeans, Skirts, or in this case Shorts. The Lover Knee Shorts are perfect for a Summer Festival, stylish and comfortable and also the perfect length, they will ensure you can look great but still manage to dance around all day, and will help save your modesty when you're lying on the ground getting your energy back. I am in love with the Pretty Peacock Kaftan and dropped into my local store today to try it on. I ended up taking it home with me, the cut is extremely flattering and the Kaftan helps me to embrace color in baby steps.. The Kaftan is perfect for this Summer Festival outfit, it adds a little color and is also light enough to be worn throughout the day,  protecting you from the sun Complete your Festival look with the Princess Bangle Set  which I also picked up today, to add a hint of bling and you will be one of the best dressed girls onsite!


I absolutely adore the Rose Print Drape Dress the rose detail on the top adds a cute touch alongside the gorgeous ruffle. The dress is simple enough to allow you to wear it to work if you are unable to get changed before your party. If you are conscious of your arms and like a little coverage then the Pleat Shoulder Cardi is the perfect match for this dress, it is light weight and comfortable to wear, and is also simple enough not to clash with the beautiful print and ruffles on the dress. To accessorize slip on the Black Metal Bangle Set and the Black Dome Ring.

There are two Summer looks for two very different Summer events. What are your favorite Summer Events and what City Chic piece will you be wearing to said Events?

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Don't forget your discount!


I know you love City Chic Lingerie. We all do. It is amazing, supportive, comfortable and sexy.

Right now, on both:



(And to everyone in the States - Happy Thanksgiving! xxx).

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fade to pink

I freaking love when City Chic release amazing unique fashion forward pieces such as the Ombre Dream Maxi Skirt I'm wearing above. When I saw it go up in the new arrivals pics on City Chic's facebook page I let out a little squeal and quickly defended it against the facebook haters because, yes it is different, but that's exactly why its amazing. The fact that City Chic do come up with some pretty fashion forward stuff for us curvy ladies is something that should be celebrated. I wore it last night to a fancy fashion launch on Sydney's beautiful harbour (well normally beautiful, the rain and grey skies nearly ruined the night as it was meant to be open air, the organisers had to rush to secure covering's at the last minute which you can see below).

I got a lot of compliments on the skirt all night with skinny fashion girls lamenting the fact that it doesn't come in their size (don't you love when that happens, normally its the other way round!). I fitted in perfectly with the glam beach theme of the event but kept warm by wearing leggings under the skirt. I teamed the skirt with a mix of vintage and Australian designer pieces and some statement jewellery in my usual kooky way.

Oufit Details
Blouse Vintage
Gold Belt From a recent curvy clothes swap event
Skirt City Chic Ombre Dream maxi skirt $69.95 AUD
Lace Kimono Romance Was Born

My necklace is a piece of titanium quartz crystal I picked up on my recent trip to Perth.

How To Style

Has anyone else bought this skirt? I would LOVE to see how you styled it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your looks. Your City Chic.

In the last week, I have been trolling through the City Chic Facebook pages. It is so amazing and inspiring to see so many beautiful women posting their images to Facebook. This last week, I have contacted a few people, who I thought epitomised the City Chic spirit and look... A couple of them wrote back and so, I wanted to share them with you.

Justine posted her image to City Chic's Facebook page and it quickly received a barrage of compliments. 

And of course it did - she looks stunning...

When I wrote to Justine, I asked her what she loves about City Chic... her reply was enthused!

"I am new to City Chic, but from the moment I put on the garment, I felt like a "head-turner". I felt flirty, sassy, classy, and confident that the dress was showing off my best features! I love City Chic because they offer a variety of designs that are contemporary, fun, and against the grain of the average plus fashion choices."

I think all of us love City Chic for similar reasons... certainly, I felt excited that Justine was NEW to City Chic, confident in the dress and then also ready to share it with ALL us City Chic girls. Facebook is fabulous for that - and the CC page is all about that kind of community!

Meanwhile... Nikki.

I saw Nikki's photo and was absolutely taken with the spirit and sass on show. 

Check it out:

I didn't know when I wrote to Nikki, but not only is she a City Chic enthusiast, she also WORKS at City Chic! 

"This is a City Chic dress that I modified: I added a halter neck, added a sleeved shawl and a chiffon peakhole at the bottom... And of course made my own hat!

I have been a City Chic lover for the last 5 years .. My whole wardrobe comes from them! (3 racks and a walk in robe FULL). Just because I'm a big girl does not mean I just want to wear a tent to cover everything... And I certainly don't want to dress like my mother like so many other plus size stores do...

Wearing City Chic clothes makes me feel young and sexy. The clothes are very fashionable and my skinny friends always comment on how great I look. I am very passionate about fashion and dressing woman to feel fabulous in there bodies, I'm doing a diploma of fashion design and once I've finished I want to design plus size clothes and hopefully get a job with the design Team at City Chic .. I currently work for City Chic in the Werribee and Highpoint stores and love styling women to look and feel amazing.

We are all beautiful inside and out and I want everyone of my clients to leave our store feeling chic & sexy"

I love this response. It reminded me of all the amazing women (and men!) who work for City Chic, who have passion for the brand and LOVE the brand because, like us, they're wearing the clothes and feeling great in them too!

I love it when people post pictures of themselves looking amazing on Facebook. It reminds me of what a great place City Chic is, and it creates a wonderful, positive community to enjoy fashion within.

I would love to see all your looks. I am on Facebook, and regularly look at the CC page - I would love to see you, wearing your favourite CC gear!

Em. x.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rock Of Ages

I have a confession to make; I am a Musical NERD! I am obsessed with Musicals, I enjoy them as much as Festivals and Gigs, they bring me so much happiness, over the past few years I have seen many; Saturday Night Fever, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sound of Music, Grease, I could go on but for your sake I won't. At the start of the year I came across the Musical 'Rock Of Ages' a Broadway Musical which was at that time making its debut in Melbourne. What intrigued me about the show was that it was made up of some of my favorite 80s songs and also featured one of my favorite Australian musicians as the lead role (Justin Burford, the singer from End Of Fashion). I considered hopping on a plane and making my way to Melbourne to catch the show but I resisted and I am glad I did because Rock Of Ages opened this weekend in Brisbane and I finally got to see it!

PHOTO: Rock Of Ages Australian Cast.

I don't want to spoil the story line but I will just say if you are a huge fan of 80's music like myself and rate bands like Bon Jovi, Journey, Foreigner, and Whitesnake as some of your favorites then I urge you to look out for a performance near you. I enjoyed the show more than I have enjoyed some of the Concerts I have been to. The Cast are so energetic, they perform flawlessly and Justin's voice left me speechless. Rock Of Ages will have you laughing, singing, and wanting to jump on your feet and dance within the first few minutes of the opening number.

First of all, please excuse the mirror shot but I quickly snapped an outfit pic before I rushed out the door and was so caught up in my excitement that I forgot to snap another at the show. I wore my favorite City Chic piece the Fringe Detail Tunic I know I have raved about this tunic in past posts but I just love it so much. I think it is extremely flattering and most importantly I feel comfortable and incredibly confident when I wear it. The fringe detail gives it a bit of a quirky edge. I love it so much that I ordered a second one to keep because I know I will wear this until it either becomes see through or falls apart. I have only just embraced waist belts and I don't know what I was so scared of, I adore my Diamante Bow Belt and I think it adds a cute touch to my outfit.

Have you checked out City Chic's latest collection 'Mad About Men?' I know I love mostly black outfits but I must admit I am really loving the colors. I love the Key To My Heart tunic, it is perfect for these warmer days and could even be worn to one of the Summer Festivals coming up. I am in love with the Skater Girl Dress it can be dressed up with some funky accessories and heels for your work Christmas party or teamed with flats for a cute Summer BBQ dress.

 What are some of your favorite pieces from the collection?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Trend Watch: Palazzo Pants

These City Chic Palazzo Pants are so bang on trend that its not even funny. Palazzo pants have been doing the rounds of street style blogs for a couple of months now and have also been on runways both here and abroad. The good news is unlike other pant trends this style of pant is totally forgiving to curves! Similar to how a maxi skirt works at hiding problem areas, the pants skim over all your bumps and lumps to help create a clean silhouette. The larger, flared hem line helps balance out your shape and the higher waistline defines that area giving you the perfect hourglass figure. Believe me they are miracle pants, I own a few pairs and have already picked up these City Chic ones which I have found to be even more forgiving than most.

A classic Palazzo Pant look on the streets of Paris.

Boho prints looking chic in Stockholm.

Colour blocking in New York.

A little bit of all the trends in one with that awesome green satchel.

The other thing is Palazzo Pants are seriously fun to wear!

How to Style your Palazzo Pants:
Palazzo Pants are really versatile, the pants can be worn and styled to suit any number of current trends or occasions that may pop up. Below I show you three ways to wear them this season.

Trend: Classic
Palazo Pants are truly suited to classic styling because of their chic cut. You can wear this look to the office or to a fancy restaurant and feel like your most glamorous self.
Blazer  City Chic Miss Work It Jacket $139.95 AUD A classic black blazer is a must for any wardrobe.
Palazzo Pants City Chic Palazzo Pants $89.95 AUD The pant of the season.
Blouse City Chic Flutter Babe Capelet Top $59.95 AUD A cute little white blouse.
Red Lipstick Classic red lips add that pop of colour to the look.
Bangles City Chic Glam Bangle Set $19.95 AUD
Belt City Chic Big Buckle Patent Belt $29.95 AUD
Black Ballet Flats Another classic wardrobe staple.

Trend: Colour Blocking

Just when you thought I couldn't possibly bang on about this trend any more here I am doing it again, haha. The thing is that this trend is so huge for summer but it really is an easy trend to replicate. Just clash two or more colours together and you will look instantly up to date and stylish even if the pieces are seasons old!
Palazzo Pants City Chic Palazzo Pants $89.95 AUD
Top City Chic High Lo Sapphire Top $59.95 AUD The "mullet" style of this top is really forgiving, what that means is it is high at the front and low at the back, it will skim over the area and help define your shape.
Jacket City Chic Drapey Lace Back Jacket $89.95 AUD A relaxed and funky jacket perfect for this look.
Yellow necklace Wearing a necklace in a contrasting colour to the blue of the top is an easy way to be on trend with colour blocking.
Belt City Chic Cobalt Splice Belt $29.95 AUD A fun belt which will pair back with the blue in the top nicely.
Yellow satchel Satchel's are the bag of the season in any colour you fancy.
Clogs The big shoe of last year is back for round two just don't rush out to buy a new pair as the trend is on the fizzle, just wear yours from last season or look for them on sale.

Trend: Floral Print

Floral print is always popular come spring/summer, and this year is no different. Taking inspiration from nature accessorise with browns, oranges and greens and you have the perfect relaxed boho look for weekend market browsing.
Blouse City Chic Secret Garden Satin Top $69.95 AUD The perfect floral for summer.
Palazzo Pants City Chic Palazzo Pants $89.95 AUD
Belt City Chic Tan Double Buckle Belt $29.95 AUD The corset style belt is the perfect boho touch.
Orange Floppy Hat Pick a colour from the floral print to accessorise with, I chose and orange hat for this look.
Brown leather satchel backpack I am currently obsessed with finding a vintage one of these on my weekly op shop and vintage market trawls, here's hoping I find one tomorrow!
Green nail polish Again choosing the colour from the floral print, this jade green shade by  Chanel is pretty awesome.
Three Tone Platform Heels A nice retro 70's touch for the perfect boho feel.

How are you going to wear your Palazzo Pants this season? Let me know in the comments bellow.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

VaVa Voom! By Teer Wayde

Recently my friend, fellow blogger and amazing photographer was in town so we teamed up to showcase and shoot some of the new lingerie available both online and instore at City Chic

We created a little editorial, the back drop: the fantastic hotel she was staying at for the weekend. All images by Danielle Melnyczenko from and as you can see they are not airbrushed.

I've created a more in depth and detailed post on my personal blog here regarding the sizing, fit and feel of each item. You will also find more images both on my blog and via

Paris Contour Bra - AU
Paris Contour Bra - USA

Paris Boyleg Brief - AU
Paris Boyleg Brief - USA

Sequin Jacket - City Chic/Photographers Own


Monday, November 7, 2011

Colour Clash

 As soon as I saw this dress as part of this weeks new arrivals, I knew I had to have it. Its the perfect dress to try out this seasons major trend of colour blocking with its beautiful and colourful floral print.

 I chose bold gold and yellow accessories and matched my fuchsia manicure to the floral design.

My red pedicure also matched the print but clashed with my fuchsia nails which made for a winning combination even if I do say so myself, plus the red looks amazing against my yellow sandals.

How To Style
Dress City Chic Wild Flower Dress $99.95 AUD A cute vintage floral inspired print in all the colours of the season (there are many!) Pick your favourite colour from the print and choose accessories to match, you could choose red, green, blue, pink or yellow.
Black Floppy Beach Hat A must have for summer as its both chic and sun smart. It instantly makes you look elegant, just keep one folded up in your bag or in your car for some instant glam.
Belt City Chic Red Nauti Cool Belt $29.95 AUD The perfect belt to colour clash with the dress.
Ring City Chic Black Rose Ring $19.95 AUD Reference the floral print with floral jewellery.
Yellow Clutch I chose to colour block with yellow accessories but like I said you could choose any colour from the print of the dress.
Yellow Sandals Colourful shoes are hot for this summer, they instantly update your wardrobe.
Beauty Note Did you know you can colour block your manicure, pedicure and lipstick too? Clash all three or mix and match where you choose to clash. I chose a fuchsia colour for both my lips and my manicure and chose to clash my pedicure in a hot chili red for a more dramatic look.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can you SPOT how sleepy I am?


I think you all may have been able to tell my last few weeks here in Budapest have been INTENSE! Little time to sight see and LOTS of time to work. As luck would have it, I managed to meet the star of the film (um, Brad Pitt, which was amazing and unexpected), and despite looking like a sleepy little lady every day, I have had a visit from my LOVELY Mr. Darcy.

Today, (as in RIGHT NOW!) I have gone for a casual but cute look for work - I told you a few posts back that recently I've gone REALLY crazy for City Chic singlet tops and this SPOT top is the current fave! I wore it today with a short denim skirt, leggings, bolero, boots and a grin.


At night, I team this look with a jacket, scarf and pout... 

Check it out:

City Chic,Cami,Denim Skirt,Plus-Size,Blog,Fashion,Budapest

I am so sleepy in all these shots. Sleepy, but feeling good. Next week, I will be back in the UK and talking London Looks... I can not wait to see what's happening this Winter on the streets of London!

I am LOVING the SUMMER looks coming through at City Chic Australia right now and am going to go on an online shopping spree tomorrow to get my layering needs ready. I need a little colour and sunshine READY for a dreary UK Winter!

Big Smooches Lovely Ladies! Em. x.

(Don't forget all the gorgeous looks at City Chic Stateside right now too!)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey City Chic ladies hope you are all doing fantastic this month, I have had a full schedule this month with the hype of the rugby world cup here in New Zealand and general life duties, That I literally had no time to dress up and get pretty with the fun colors spring has inspired me to wear. On the positive side I have a formal birthday dinner to attend tonight and I thought it would be an awesome opportunity for me to get dolled up in my city chic gear and show you all what I picked out for this occasion.

So this is what I picked out for tonight, it is the Floaty Princess Dress from City Chic which came out in the Pretty Candy Collection this dress is so free flowing and comfy to get me through the formalities of this birthday dinner I knew it would be perfect for the occasion, I honestly think that this collection and its colors are spot on for Spring and with the weather warming up here I just cant get enough of the chic pieces that come with this collection, for my accessories I am wearing a city chic ring, which I purchased awhile back from now along with a mixture of my silver city chic bangles. To finish up the outfit I paired it with my baby pink wedges so what do you think ladies? . Before I go here is a sneaky picture I took before leaving; I thought it really showcased my love for spring and its inspiration.

So tell me what has Spring Inspired you to wear this month??
Xox Sonya.