Thursday, August 25, 2011


My word. Moving house is hard... SOME of my clothes are unpacked, but so many are still all boxed up!

I have been in the UK for a mere THREE years and I seem to have accumulated so many things. HOW does this happen ladies! Now, like many of you, I am completely addicted to shopping and love fancy fashions - so that explains all my boxes of dresses. BUT where do all the papers and miscellaneous items come from?

Well. I do shop a lot... Let's just pretend they're all reciepts!

In any case, even with my move, I have managed to unpack essential items. Like my City Chic Brown Pleather Jacket. I tell you - I only got this a few weeks ago and it has become an absolute staple for me here in London. We are in the throes of a wet summer - so, this is exactly what I need.

I LOVE this item.  Which is you favourite CC jacket?

Smooches Ladies! Em. x.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My life changing dress

Em's recent post The dress that changed my life really struck a chord with me. I found myself nodding and smiling as I read her post and it reminded me of the time I first discovered City Chic and realised that even though I'm curvy I can still be as fashionable as anyone else and look as good as anyone else. I first discovered (Big) City Chic back in 2007 when I was eighteen. I've said it a few times in past posts but back in those days I was at least 30Kilos heavier than I am now and had next to no confidence in myself and was too afraid to dress up because I feared I would stand out even more. I did buy a few (Big) City Chic pieces back then but they were mainly black long dresses that would hide me away. I floated along being too scared to embrace fashion until I visited City Chic (Chermside) again in 2009, I was twenty then and had lost some weight and was constantly glued to the old City Chic 'Friend' facebook page to see what looks they were bringing in next. I still loved my black pieces but was ready to embrace a little colour (this was a huge step for me) I then discovered the dress that changed MY life...

I fell in love with the multi coloured heart dress the minute I saw it online, I grabbed my mum and my sister and we sped down to the Chermside store to take a closer look. I remember making a beeline for the clothes rack the minute I got in store and taking the XL off the rack, I was still relatively new to City Chic sizing back then so I just assumed I would be the size I was in other stores and didn't even think the dress would fit me. I remember walking out of the change room and the shop-assistant smiled at me and said "honey this is too big for you I'll go and get you a Medium". I tried the Medium on, looked in the mirror and almost cried, my mind couldn't fathom that I could actually LOVE they way I looked in something, and that I could look fabulous! That moment changed my life for the better, I actually embraced fashion and like Em said in her post, began to enjoy going shopping. It began my love for dresses with leggings and made me learn to embrace color even if it was just subtle touches. I learnt not to hide myself away in shapeless 'sacks' and that I could wear fitted clothes and look great but most importantly feel amazing. I wish I had more photos of me wearing this amazing dress, especially a full body one but Computer crashes mean I have lost all but these. I ended up wearing the dress so much that it faded to grey and fell apart so I am on the lookout to see if anyone is willing to part with theirs (wish me luck).

One of the things I love most about City Chic is how the sizing is labelled, I love how instead of being XL-4XL or whatever the 'standard sizing' is, the garments are labelled as XS-XXL I think it is a great feeling for us to know that there is a store that caters for us curvier girls and has labelled their sizes to make us feel great.  I love reading that facebook page and seeing comments like "I can't believe I fit into a Size Small" or "I have never been a Size Large in any store" it really gives you a warm feeling. 

I owe City Chic a lot of thanks, to begin with the clothes really have changed my life, to actually be able to wear clothes that are fashionable and 'curve friendly' really is a special thing, the best feeling is when you're wearing your new favourite City Chic dress out and a Size 10 girl stops and asks you where you got your dress from because she "has to have it". I never thought I could be as trendy as my friends and be able to love and appreciate fashion as much (or even more) than them but I do now. Blogging for City Chic has also really pushed my confidence up, I love being involved with such a great team and I have learnt a lot from my fellow Bloggers and also from reading comments on our posts and on the City Chic facebook page.

This post really has been full of love hasn't it? Now it's time for YOU to share some love. How has City Chic changed your life?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daytime Glam and Sparkly Nights.

Firstly ladies,

Thank you so much for all the amazing, positive feedback on last week's post. For me, finding City Chic was not just about fashion, but also quite an emotional, personal experience - I am so pleased that last week's post was familiar to so many of you. You know, it is really strange to say that when I found City Chic, I couldn't quite believe I had found something for ME in fashion; posting about that beautiful dress - which let me find my fashion feet was one of the most honest posts I have ever written.

So thank you. x.

NOW - Let's look at some Gorgeousness. My house is in complete disarray with my having just moved, so I thought I'd look at the City Chic pieces I'm coveting this week and share them with you. I always find it so compelling to read the feedback on Facebook about what people are liking and not liking style wise - we all have such varied tastes, so I thought I might share my faves. x.

My current favourite look for day includes pieces which I think - combined - would be so unbelieveably glam... DAYTIME GLAM:

I LOVE High Waisted Jeans. I love the steady line they give my figure as well as the comfort they afford by tucking away my muffin top. I have been waiting for High Waists to come back online at City Chic so this is very exciting.  I am also loving this Fringe Detail Jumper. I love everything about it, actually. The metallic thread, fringe detail and slight skin peeks through the v-neck are all really appealing. This outfit would look gorgeous and casually glam - giving you a great silhouette and absolutely fab, feminine look. Mind you, I would likely wear a pair of chunky boots with this just to edge it up a bit. I love me some hard edges!!

My second set of choices are all about having a SPARKLY NIGHT - both out for an evening and... IN for a night!! (WOOT WOO).

I adore both these pieces. I think the Bling Collie Maxi is both unique and beautiful. I bet my left arm that this dress does a beautiful job skimming a curvy shape thanks to the block colours, line through the centre and drape from the hip. It looks amazing and the sparkles literally just add to it. As for the Super Sparle Mesh Babydoll. Well. Va Va Voom. I own some of the last release sleepwear and  can tell you the fit, cut and shape are divine. In fact - my City Chic sleepwear makes me feel great and special no matter if I'm alone - or with my partner. I LOVE the latest pieces and this one - with the sparkles (which are on the babydoll AS WELL as on the panties) is just stunning.

Love Love Love.

We are lucky girls. Really very lucky girls. Let me know what you are loving the look of right now? OR - even better, send me a picture of yourself in your latest purchase so I can feature you here on the blog!

Do it!

Smooches, ladies! Em. x.

A City Chic Haul! - Sonya Siale

Hey City Chic Ladies so Today’s post is something I like to call a “HAUL” this basically is a insight into my purchases and as an additional piece I decided to put together outfits using the clothes I picked out, I can honestly say City Chic has amazing quality made clothing and every piece I picked out is most likely to become, my favourite clothing pieces of the month.

I picked out a total of 3 items which I will list below




I decided it would be great to put together two separate outfits using the clothes I picked out, to give you a general idea as to how I myself as an everyday plus size girl would wear these particular garments. Because I know it can be hard to look at clothing and think how I would wear this? or what would this look like on a plus size figure? So with that said I’m here to help you get an idea.

Outfit #1

In the first Outfit I am wearing the Spliced Utility Tunic From City Chic, This top reminds me of the Military Fashion look which I am very fond of at the moment, I decided the Tunic looked great Paired with Plain Black leggings and my Favourite Military boots to finish the look.

Outfit #2

In the second outfit I am wearing the Ruffle Beaded Top paired with the Pull on Skinny Pant and my Nude pumps; this outfit is very comfortable and great for a work outfit or a night out. 

So that’s it from me I hope you all enjoyed reading my very first posts let me know your thoughts below.   

Sonya xox!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chic in a Flash - Sommer Green

This past few weeks have been very busy for me. Between work, modeling, and social engagements I have been needing quick easy transitions in a flash.

I have two favorite pieces added to my steady growing City Chic wardrobe; the Harem Pants and the Tribal Weave Tunic. What I've most about these is they are both transitional pieces from one season to the next. Also they are both supper comfortable, and can easily be dressed up or down.

I recently wore the Harem Pants to an early morning call time.

These days with facebook, twitter and you tube you always want to stay chic even in comfort. I choose to pair my harem pants with a simple black tee, sweater cardigan, and cute sandals. Comfortable for an early morning call time but chic and totally facebook ready for any behind the scenes snap shots.

My next look is from a last minute summer evening social engagement.

I didn't have much time to get ready so I choose some ripped skinny jeans, City Chic Tribal Weave Tunic, and leopard print wedges. To keep with summer trends, I pulled my hair up in a cute high pony and threw on some amazing statement piece earrings. The look was a hit and I received so many compliments on my City Chic Tribal Weave Tunic.

My favorite part about both of these pieces is I can easily reverse them next time and dress up the Harem Pant with some heels and tune down the Tunic with a pair of jean shorts.

xoxo Sommer

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The dress that changed my life.

Isn't it funny the impact that FASHION can have? Not the impact that fashion has on other people or society, but the impact that our own fashion has on OURSELVES.

This week, I am packing up my house. Darcy and I are moving across London and we are packing up everything we own... In my efforts, I came across a dress. A dress that changed me. A City Chic dress. My first EVER.

Bought in 2007 as a birthday present from my mum. After years of shopping at City Chic, this was my first dress.

For the longest time, I didn't really know myself in fashion. I wore a lot of jeans and t-shirts. I went through grunge and gothic... but in all honesty, I never really found a style that was ME. The style in which you find your confidence and think - THIS is me. THIS represents me and who I am.

That being said through my early twenties (post goth phase), I did have outfits I loved. LOTS of them, actually. Indeed, when I stopped being a goth, my mum convinced me a little colour would be nice and I owned LOTS of great City Chic jeans and tops as I started to try and find myself in fashion.

But you see, despite having heaps of clothes that I loved - I never had style confidence. Do you know what I mean?

I mean I never had confidence in fashion. I never thought to myself - I'm going to wear XYZ outfit and look completely fierce and completely represent who I am and what I like.

That may sound a little superficial. As a plus-size girl though, finding my fashion and understanding more about what I love and how my curves work has helped me feel more confident INTERNALLY. The line that I use to market my personal blog is, "I have great curves and I know how to wear them". And I do. But not always.

When I discovered (Big) City Chic in 2002 in Penrith, it was like a revelation. I was 23 and unsure of my sense of style. I KNEW I didn't want to wear shapeless tents but back then, had few stores to choose from. The day I went into City Chic for the first time, I was like... OH THANK GOODNESS. Sometimes, on the Facebook page - even now, I see girls writing such a thing. The same sentiment - THANK GOODNESS I FOUND YOU (City Chic).

These days, I am sure most of you know by now, I am pretty much a dress wearer. I like feminine style and mostly wear dresses mixed with some sort of hard edge... be it studded boots, leather & lace or perhaps a little rock edge. When I put on my first City Chic dress (the one above), IT JUST WORKED. I put it on, walked out to show my mum and we both KNEW something had happened. 

My mum knew, I was happy. I knew - I had found IT. My fashion. My LOVELY, LOVELY fashion. So I wore the dress everywhere.

Yesterday, when I found this dress in my wardrobe, I was filled with all kinds of emotions. This dress. This City Chic dress, which is four years old, changed me. It changed how I feel about fashion as well as how I wear fashion. It means SO much to me. I am sure, in fact, I am certain that some of you must have City Chic clothes that have had the same impact? 

Tell me. 

Tell me in the comments section below, or email me through photos. If enough of you respond, I would like to post about you. Post about your gorgeous City Chic fashion and how it has impacted you. 

I look great all the time. I understand my body and what makes me feel confident and makes feel great about myself. It took me YEARS to get here, but City Chic helped. I got a BIG reminder of that this week. 


Tell me. 

I have GREAT curves and I know how to wear them. I bet you do too. 


Monday, August 8, 2011

I LOVE Tunics!

I have a crush, it's not a person or a band or a living thing, it's a type of clothing. When I wear them they flatter my body, they make me feel happy and proud of my curves, I can wear them in Summer or Winter, to a festival, out clubbing, a lunch date with the girls, even to work. What are they? they are TUNICS! My love for tunics has only recently taken over my wardrobe, I love how versatile they are and how easy it is to dress them up or down, most of all I love how flattering they are and of course how comfortable they are. As a pear shaped girl with a very small chest and upper body (in comparison to my booty) who lives in dresses, I found it really hard finding dresses that fit my bottom area but don't fall off my top area, that was until I came across Tunics! City Chic have a great selection of tunics that can suit almost any event. I wanted to show you a few ways you too could rock a City Chic Tunic!


The Tye Dye Tunic is high on my 'MUST BUY' list, it is adorable and can easily be dressed up or dressed down to suit a variety of occasions. For a perfect 'lunch date' outfit for a day with the girls or with a special man, you could simply team the Tye Dye Tunic with a pair of the Zip Me Skinny Jeans in Black and slip on a set of Metallic Bangles to finish your outfit. I would team this outfit with a pair of sandals or flats and keep my make up simple just a slick of lip gloss and I would be ready for a day of fun. I especially love the Tye Dye Tunic because it comes with its own belt so it is definitely good value!


When I saw the Fringe Detail Tunic my jaw almost hit the ground! I have wanted a dress like this for years! Beautiful shape, length, in black and with sleeves! I absolutely adore the fringe detail, it adds a bit of fun to the tunic and dresses it up a little and also makes it different to just a 'black dress'. Adding the cute Diamante Bow Belt will help to flatter your waist and add a cute and quirky touch of bling. For added 'bling' slip on the Black Cocktail Ring. All your outfit needs now is a slick of Red Lipstick, and a cute pair of shoes ( I'm thinking a pair of red peep-toe wedges) and you will be ready to hit the town. The Fringe Detail Tunic is at the top of my 'MUST BUY list' I can't wait to get it and snap some pics for you to see. 

Don't forget it is so easy to dress up or dress down a tunic, you could add a Jacket or Shrug if you like to cover your arms or swap Jeans for leggings for a more comfortable outfit. The options really are endless! The Madam Butterfly collection launched this week and much to my joy along came even more tunics. Here is just a small taste of some of the new arrivals;

Don't forget to stay connected keep an eye on the City Chic Website and Facebook page.



Thursday, August 4, 2011

My night with Kevin Spacey in City Chic...

Theatre in London. Seriously. If you come to this city - theatre attendance is a must. See anything! A musical, play, burlesque show, dance performance... anything.

Last weekend, Mr. Darcy and I took in Richard III. Starring Kevin Spacey and directed by Sam Mendes - this play was amazing. Kevin Spacey literally steals the show with a performance that is both gripping and (funnily enough since we were watching a Shakespearean Tragedy)... hilarious. Spacey's Richard drew you in and despite being an absolute villain, as a viewer, I enjoyed him - even loved him; his deceit and gall were coupled well with his lure and tempting sleaziness.

Now, I'm not sure about you - but when I go to the theatre, it remains a really special event for me. Here in London, people dress differently for a show... some wear jeans, some go glam, some dress like they are attending a ball.

Darcy and I were seeing Richard III as part of a date night, so I wanted something figure loving and gorgeous.  I also like dressing up - and with the work hours I am doing right now, sexy nights out and special events are absolutely coveted... indeed, I met Darcy right after work to attend this show so had to decide THAT MORNING what to wear so I could change into it AT WORK!!

For my look, I had to submit to workplace hair, but I deliberately maintained my subtle makeup. The City Chic dress I chose to wear has a babe-making shape and beaded bling on the cleavage and sleeve - sometimes I like busy looks, but I wanted a little class and elegance for my night out. 

I am wearing the City Chic Military Bead Shoulder Dress that released earlier this year. It was my first bash at wearing it, and I think I completely rocked it!

(Don't Kevin Spacey and I just look AWESOME together?)

I felt great. I must say, the play went for three hours and certainly, my seat could have done with being a litle more comfy. That being said, the way this play was put together makes it accessible and wonderful to view. In fact - it is a really accessible play, in that it will soon embark on a world tour. Check dates at the official website and see if you can get along.

It is really special to watch such an amazing performer work, under such magnificent direction. Also - you can get dressed up and look totally gorgeous in all your City Chic clothing.

I mean, go see it for that reason alone!

Now, before I go, someone emailed me recently asking about my sizing. I am wearing an M here, but flux very regularly between Ls and Ms. My booty - in jeans, rocks an 18. x.

Don't Forget - City Chic Australia Site and City Chic USA Site. xxx.

Smooches - Em. x.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Maxing out the Snake Charmer

I've been feeling the maxi skirt recently. I'm not sure if its a Sydney thing or if its Australia wide, but I've been seeing them on girls everywhere and I knew I wanted a piece of the action too. And why not? Maxis are perfect "sin hiders" hiding away your unshaved hairy winter legs whilst also skimming over your tummy giving your outfit a nice line. I'm wearing my favourite piece from the City Chic Snake Charmer collection the City Chic Cammo Girl Maxi $119.95 AUD. Now I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I actually altered the dress and made it into a skirt as I knew I wanted to be able to wear it like that. Before I did that I was wearing my tops over it and it looked fine, but knowing how easy it is to make a dress into a skirt I couldn't resist the change. I'm always altering things to make them work for me, and really you shouldn't be afraid to do the same thing too. The rest of my outfit consists of a brilliant op shop find of a burnt orange blouse that was only $1.60 (gotta love op shops!)  and my necklace is made by my talented friend Estelle Dévé, every time I wear it I get lots of compliments. I also wore my new favourite belt (which is exactly what I've been looking for, thanks City Chic!) City Chic Leather Jean Belt $39.95 AUD and my City Chic Pleather Biker Jacket in tan $149.95 AUD which is great for the cold/hot/cold weather we've been having.

Get the look

Are you loving maxis at the moment too? Let me know in the comments below.