Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Blue.

Prince William,Kate Middleton,Engaged

As I write this blog post, I am sitting in my pajamas fixed in front of the TV for the BBC's coverage of the Royal Wedding here in London. So many keen beans camped out over night, that I knew I would wake up and watch from home. I want a GOOD VIEW.

To be honest, while I am no Royalist, there is something about living in the UK and feeling a part of this excitement, that has really caught me. I love that this is a positive piece of history that we can watch and enjoy - usually, the history we see and have to take note of is quite lacking in celebration! Weddings are something to celebrate.

This last week, over Easter, my Mr. Darcy and I went to Cornwall and had some time by the ocean. The weather was perfect and warm. It felt so strange being in sunshine and by the ocean and not being at Glenelg Beach in Adelaide, or at Bronte Beach in Sydney.

City Chic,Royal Blue,So Cute Dress,Cobalt,Boombands Em,Review

My outfit for you today takes inspiration from Kate Middleton. She has looked stunning in Blue. Indeed, after announcing her engagement (wearing blue) she has worn brilliant and vibrant blues quite a few times in the lead up to her wedding.

City Chic,Royal Blue,So Cute Dress,Cobalt,Boombands Em,Review

As you can see, this is the EVER popular So Cute Dress by City Chic in Cobalt. I love it and I felt so pretty and summery while wearing it...

City Chic,Royal Blue,So Cute Dress,Cobalt,Boombands Em,ReviewI have teamed the dress with one of my absolute staples - a City Chic Shrug (AUS site / USA site), my knee high boots, subtle necklace and swept hair.

This is a really NATURAL dress to wear. Does anyone else feel that? I put it on and it is comfortable, pretty, sexy and feminine. I almost feel effortless in this dress.

Meanwhile, the royal coverage marches on... the wedding starts in just under an hour. Are you excited?

For many of those glued to the TV, by the time you read my post, it will likely be done. What did you think...?

Uh-oh... here comes William! I am too excited and am going to log off.

Just before I go - in a post I did a while back, I wore a City Chic dress in gorgeous blue to a wedding in Liverpool! What is your favourite wedding look? I like feminine elegance!

Ack! So excited! Let me know what you think!

City Chic,Royal Blue,So Cute Dress,Cobalt,Boombands Em,Review

Em. xxx.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Autumn Trend: Camel tones

 The camel trench is a classic piece that every woman should own, but this season camel takes on new meaning with the colour itself being lusted after. Take a cue from the street style blogs from abroad and reference the falling leaves around you by donning those Autumn tones, think camel, burnt orange and chocolate browns in classic cuts such as the biker jacket pared back with leopard and black to make it more current. A harem trouser works well with this seasons loafer and a caramel cami. Layer up the tones and remember it's not about juxtaposing contrasting colours, but finding an equilibrium between shades that's as harmonious as nature.

Jacket: City Chic Pleather Biker Jacket $149.95 AUD
A classic piece in an on trend colour.
Blouse: City Chic Leopard blouse $69.95 AUD
Animal print is making a comeback.
Cami: City Chic cami in caramel $19.95 AUD
A colour as delicious as its name, caramel.
Pant: City Chic Harem pant $69.95 AUD
You may think this style of pant tricky to pull off but you will be surprised at just how flattering they are.
Ring: Chic Military Glam ring $19.95 AUD
Glam up the look with a pretty piece of finger bling.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Damn You Alexis for City Chic.

Damn you Alexis is the designer label from Megan Moir Pardy (left) who worked for ten years as an art editor for magazines including Harpers Bazaar, Grazia and Cosmo. I think every plus-size girl felt their jaws drop, as blogs and news alerts exploded when Megan launched Damn You Alexis in early 2010. Megan’s designs have an amazingly architectural approach to tailoring and she makes luxurious choices when it comes to fabrics. Damn You Alexis’ contemporary cuts and gorgeous sculpted dresses provide edgy, on-trend garments for girls with a little extra curve (size 14+).

The designs are refreshing and gorgeous and reflect style. They acknowledge a thirst for fashion and EASILY encourage you to look at them and think - I would look FIERCE in that!

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Megan has designed an exclusive Damn You Alexis capsule range for City Chic that consists of five different styles, four of which were showcased at the City Chic runway show last month for LMFF. My favourite, the Asymmetrical Dress - looks PHENOMENAL on Courtney Maxwell, above.

PhotobucketCity Chic is so excited to be supporting fashion forward Australian plus size designers and encourages you to get behind Damn You Alexis and help make a difference to the high end fashion industry.

The full Damn you Alexis collection for City Chic is available in selected stores from today and will be available online from next week.

Personally - I can't wait to get my hands on the Asymmetrical Dress (I told you it was my favourite), but I think that the Pleather Insert Dress and Blue Velvet Dress look AMAZING.

Which is your favourite?

Em. x.

(Please note not all stores will receive all the styles so be sure to give your local store a buzz).

City Chic Australia's Easter Online Sale!

Just in case anyone fell asleep under a rock, I thought I would do a quick blog post reminding you that City Chic's Aussie site has 30% off all stock for the Easter Long Weekend!

Anyone on the Facebook page will note that clothing is selling like HOTCAKES! So, get online and spoil yourself!

On another exciting note, the City Chic Capsule Collection by the amazing Australian brand Damn You Alexis hits stores Thursday. This collection is hitting stores as a special (VISUAL) treat, before the online launch - so if you can get to a store, prepare yourselves for something REALLY special - and to all you online fashionistas - don't worry - you'll see the collection appear online, soon enough!

Some of the items above will be available instore tomorrow as part of the Damn You Alexis Range 

I barely eat chocolate anymore, but I DO love indulging myself with clothes. Heck yes, I do... However you plan to get your fix - have a Happy Easter!

Monday, April 18, 2011


It has been two long months between shows for me so when I found out that Grinspoon were Headlining a concert for the QLD Flood benefit I was jumping around with excitement. With more and more bands turning towards more electronic sounds it's really rare for me to find an Australian band who can put on a pure Rock show and actually impress me. I have seen Grinspoon perform many times and every show is better than the previous, they are a band who constantly grow and put every ounce of effort they have into each performance. As for frontman Phil what can I say? What a crowd pleaser! His constant jokes and dance moves have the crowd eating out of his hand. Saturday nights show was nothing short of amazing, a real Rock Show. Grinspoon played for just over an hour and had a set full of hits; "No Reason, Chemical Heart, Lost Control, Hard Act To Follow, Ready One, More Than You Are, Rockshow and Champion" all made an appearance. At the moment Australian Rock Music is not what it used to be more and more bands are taking a more electronic edge or doing a complete 180 and going more folky (think Angus and Julia Stone) I really miss the feeling I had when I was 14 and 15 in High School and would go and see a rock show with my friends and would walk out speechless (ok so this was only 7 years ago but still). Grinspoons show really brought back those memories, if you ever get a chance to go to one of their shows I would highly recommend it! If you aren't a fan of their music then maybe Phil's dance moves could convert you?


It's very very rare that I see a whole outfit on a model or in a catalogue/online and end up wanting to wear the EXACT same thing. Actually I can't even remember when it last happened? I have a very distinct style – I never wear jeans or shorts and I live in dresses! I'm a true pear shape my top half is about 2 sizes smaller than my bottom so I'm very picky when it comes to finding dresses I like. I know I've said it many times but I'm a rock chick at heart! Style wise I adore edgy, dark yet feminine clothes. I call my style 'glam rock n roll queen”, make up wise I keep most of it simple but always make my lips pop with an awesome color! I saw the photos of City Chic model Courtney advertising the Pleather Biker Jacket online and instantly fell in love with her whole outfit, she looks even more stunning than usual! The outfit oozes sexy yet flattering style and of course screams ROCK CHICK. I already had the Vinyl Waistband Tunic in my wardrobe and wear it all the time it's so comfortable and it fits amazingly well! The vinyl band is what sells me, it means that unlike other dresses it actually fits my waist and doesn't 'swim' around it. I had to rush online and get the Pleather Jacket which has been a hit seller, I now know why it is stunning! I added my new favourite Pink Lipstick and my quirky yet adorable frankenstein cameo ring from Dropdead Gorgeous Couture and I was ready to rock the show!

What do you think of my copy cat outfit?

May is looking to be a very exciting concert month for me! I am counting down the days to the Katy Perry concert which I will be writing about on here and also have a Katy Perry song inspired post coming for you! As usual, to keep up to date with all things City Chic keep checking the Inside Chic blog and also the Facebook Page.

Until Next Time,


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spanish Rose

City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,Pleat Rosa Dress,Spanish Rose,Plus-size
The Pleat Rosa Dress by City Chic - available online now (AUS site)

In my last post "Sexy is the Word", I suggested that you gorgeous ladies come up with ideas for my next date night. I thought I better mention my size, as a few of the selections were only available outside my range. For dresses, I wear mostly an M and sometimes an L - it can depend on the fabric across the chest. My boobies need a little fabric stretch!

One dress suggested by Kylie was the Red Rose Kiki Dress... When that dress came out, it was released at the same time at the Pleat Rosa Dress and because I've missed my chance for Kiki - I have decided to show you Rosa. I bought the Pleat Rosa Dress on release as I felt enamored by the colour, vibrance and cut. The pleats and waisted design really appeal to me and so too does the Spanish feel of the dress. Some of my genetics hail from Spain, so I was quite keen for a little Spanish gorgeous!

City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,Pleat Rosa Dress,Spanish Rose,Plus-size

I wore this dress for a weekend mini-break this last weekend. Mr. Darcy (my true English Gent) and I took a trip into the South East of England to see his parents. You can see - the sun is out in the UK! YES! It is such an exciting thing to have a full weekend with sun after such a long, cold winter. The drive took a couple of hours, so we had the windows open, the radio on and sunshine kissing our arms.

City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,Pleat Rosa Dress,Spanish Rose,Plus-sizeI feel so pretty in this dress. No kidding. I made my hair dry wavy, and wore just a little eye makeup - this dress, with the gorgeous red and rich black - really does a lot of the work for you... I seriously feel so pretty in this one!

I teamed this dress with an old favourite. This is a City Chic lace bolero from years ago. It has long been my go-to shrug in Summer and with the sunshine out, for the first time in ages, I had to put it on. I teamed this outfit with an Accessorise Necklace and a simple pair of Summer Sandals. This weekend is the first weekend  since NOVEMBER that I have not worn tights here in the UK. SERIOUSLY!

Speaking of Spain, my best friend in London, Bex, has ditched her job here and is heading to Spain for a few months to do an intensive language course. She plans to study for three hours a day for about eight weeks, all the while enjoying Spanish sun and food. I bet she gets a cerveza or two in as well!

Next Saturday, Bex is having a Spanish themed party at her house, I may have to rock this baby again. I love it so much, it would be no challenge. I could team it with some bright red lipstick - maybe Ruby Woo from Mac for that extra sultry look. What do you rekon?

City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,Pleat Rosa Dress,Spanish Rose,Plus-size

OMG - Royal Wedding in two weeks! I'll be in London, but probably avoiding the event itself... do you want to see any of the kitsch shop windows or decorations that are up? There are commemorative plates EVERYWHERE!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Runway VIP After Party

After the runway show at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week the team, staff and VIP customers were treated to an indulgent night or partying at the very cool venue called "The Emerald Peacock". Yummy cocktails, lots of fashion and relaxed, happy faces... THE SHOW WAS A SENSATION! So here are a few images from the night and I'll let them speak for themselves because as they say, a picture tells a thousand words...