You Girls Make Me SMILE!!

First off ladies, THANK YOU so much for the great response to my post last week. I got emails, FB messages and comments and I wanted to say that I really appreciate them all. I have been away for the last week (since I wrote that post, actually!) so will respond to you all personally in the next few days! Thank you. Xxx.

But for today's post something a little more celebratory... I Love Christmas! I adore spending beautiful, personal time with the people I love and feeling so fortunate for another year...

I find the Pre-Christmas sales maddening though! I LOVE TOOOOO many things! I have seen LOTS of you girls going just crazy with the amazing 50% off sales that have been running on the Aussie City Chic site and American City Chic site!

My choices for the upcoming festive celebrations...

For Christmas - The Knot Front Dress! Before anyone yells at me about Red being a Christmas Cliche - I just want to say... I don't care! It is SOOOO pretty. My FAVOURITE Christmas photo of myself (ever) is a Christmasy one from 2006 (right). I am in a City Chic dress... it's red(!!) and I look totally like one of Santa's Helpers. I STILL have the dress - and I have worn it SO MUCH that by now, I have kept it for nostalgia, more than anything else! 

Red is an amazing colour that absolutely brightens up a room - for those of you working it this Christmas - Heck Yeah, Ladies!

For New Years, I am loving LOTS of City Chic looks, but my pick for a warm Aussie New Years would be the Coral Ruffle Rumba Dress. HOT.

Hmm... BUT, if you aren't into dresses, the Black Hot Weave Top with a pair of City Chic jeans would be AMAZING too.

For my Christmas day I will be rocking a dress from a few posts back... 

The Warrior Maiden Dress is my absolute FAVE right now and I can't resist it for Christmas Day. Whether you celebrate or not at this time of year, I hope you have a fabulous, safe and happy time.

Merry Christmas from your City Chic blogger in London Ladies!


Em. x.


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