A very CC Christmas

I have noticed recently on the City Chic Facebook page many of you are very passionate about seeing City Chic showcase their fantastic clothes on a variety of different body shapes. Firstly I just wanted to say that the City Chic models are all beautiful and do such an amazing job. I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney at our 'Blog meet' earlier this year and she is as stunning in real life as she is on camera with a great personality to match. City Chic try to show their products in many different lights, one of their main 'alternate' ways of showing you their fantastic clothes is through this Inside Chic blog. All of us bloggers are different body shapes, we all are different sizes and also have different tastes in fashion, this blog is City Chic's way of giving you more. More ways to see different sizes representing City Chic, more entertainment through our posts, and also a way for you to sometimes get involved in posts or to be able to comment and give us feedback. I love City Chic, I love the clothes, I love the stores, I love everything the brand stands for and represents. To me City Chic isn't just a fashion store, it's a community that is able to reach and unite its customers through Facebook and a blog. I have made many new friends through the love of City Chic. As this is my last post for 2011 I wanted to involve some of my new friends in this post and also use it as a way of showing different sizes representing the brand. I asked my new friends to show me what they would be wearing on Christmas Day and why they chose their outfit. Here are the lovely ladies and their choices;

Debi is wearing one of the fabulous dresses from the 
Nauti-Cool collection in a Size M. Debi had this to say about her choice; "I love this dress, it's cute, comfy, and girly without being over the top."  

Jodie is wearing the Stripe Military Girl Dress (CURRENTLY ON SALE) in a Size M. "I'm wearing this dress for Christmas because it's functional and cool. I love how sexy it makes me feel! I feel like I can do anything, it just gives me so much confidence!"

Tash is wearing the Printed Lace Back Tunic in a XL and the 3/4 Tights in a L. This is what Tash had to say about her gorgeous outfit; "I absolutely love all of the Lace Back Tunics! They would definitely be my ultimate City Chic item! It's great to have plus sized clothing that makes you feel sexy, confident, and feminine." 

Stacey is wearing the Knot Front Dress in a Size S. Stacey said; "I love this dress, especially for Christmas! It's Red and very flattering, it makes me feel very Mrs Claus."

I, like Tash decided to wear the Printed Lace Back Tunic (I'm wearing the Size M and teamed it with my City Chic Military Bolero from earlier this year). I absolutely love City Chic's Tunic range and am slowly building up my collection. I love how versatile this Tunic is, I was wearing it with full length leggings and black peep-toe wedges off to a Christmas party but I could also team it with 3/4 leggings and sandals for a Festival or BBQ. I love the frill detail around the chest area and of course the print!

I'd like to thank the girls for taking the time to snap some photos and send them to me, I think everyone looks amazing in their City Chic finest! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have a great New Year!

Will you be wearing City Chic for New Years? If you are don't forget to snap some photos and share them with us on the City Chic Facebook page.

Party Safe Ladies!


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