The truth about my Little Belly...

PhotobucketI thought a lot about what I should post on here today. And because I follow the facebook page, I thought I might talk a little about myself.

Of all your bloggers here on Inside Chic, only one of us would ever really define ourselves as a model. All of us are really normal girls, who wear City Chic and LOVE fashion. A few of you recently discussed your desire to see City Chic clothes on women, you identify, as being "more like you". I think a request came through from quite a few girls that they'd like to see a model with an "apron of fat". Hmm. Well...

I never really discuss this much on the internet, but here goes.

Ladies, I have an apron of fat.


My apron of fat isn't massive, I carry most of my weight on my breasts, hips and thighs... But, that being said, I am a plus size girl and like many of you, I don't just have a belly, I have a little apron of fat. I usually wear tights (what with living in the UK) and they usually hold this little apron against me. I don't really dress to accentuate my belly, but it's there. 

To be honest, in my personal life, my belly is something I've come to accept about myself quite happily... But that took time. When I started dating my partner (of three years now), I knew he could see my hips, boobies and thighs when I wore my clothes out and about - there's no missing them... But he couldn't (in any obvious way) see my little "belly apron". It took me time to let him see I had it, and then even more time before I'd let him rest his hand on my tummy. Today, I feel quite comfortable about it...


I am 32 and wear a City Chic size "Large". In jeans and pants... 18 or 20 (depending on fabric stretch). I am 5'5", with F Cup boobies and size ten feet... I'm not perfect, but I'm pretty happy, feel good about myself and okay with how I am. I like this body of mine... and its little apron of fat.

I also REALLY love that City Chic helps me dress my body so stylishly. 

PhotobucketWhen City Chic asked me to be a blogger (almost two years ago now), I took the request very seriously. So did they. I've been chosen, like the other girls, to help represent the City Chic woman. Like the models who work for CC,  I'm representing a brand which is for a woman larger than a size 12... Honestly? City Chic lets me blog with them because I AM plus-size, AM just like you, because City Chic - as a company - recognises and completely values you. I ain't no model. I HAVE an apron of fat and I was asked to be involved with City Chic - BECAUSE I am just like so many of you.

I have a blog of my own, and neither here nor there do I often discuss my body (or personal life) so openly... I hope I haven't offended anyone, but also hope you can see what I am trying to say about my being so similar to so many of you girls. 

I adore City Chic and by myself (from LONDON!!) have written this with quite some passion today. This brand makes me feel great. Fierce, gorgeous, beautiful, happy, FEMININE and FASHIONABLE. 

If YOU would like to be involved by showing off some of your style - email me photos of yourself looking gorgeous in City Chic that I might post online here, post pictures to the City Chic facebook page, or tell me what you want me to try on for this blog here. 

I'm ready for you!

Smooch - Em. x.


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