Ice Maiden.

Currently, there is a Perpetual light breeze in the UK and I look like I've posed in front of a wind machine. 

I love it as the UK gets cold. You can put thick tights under your dresses, layer your body with thermals and no one knows that under your casually sexy dress - you are snug as a bug!

Honestly, when I ordered the Warrior Maiden Dress from City Chic I wasn't sure how I would go in it. I think it looks SO PRETTY on the site, but I didn't know if I would pull off the unique pattern. When I pulled the dress out of the bag, I was gobsmacked and immediately so pleased I got it! The shape is lovely (it has a low empire line) - and with a small amount of plastic boning to help maintain a smooth curve in the bust - I am so impressed!


I have layered this look with my City Chic Ruffle Bolero and City Chic Leggings (two pairs!!). 

There is a lovely place in London called Somerset House that does an Ice Rink every year over Christmas. The atmosphere is BEAUTIFUL, combining Londoners and tourists alike. Everyone drinks hot chocolate and smiles abound! I go there EVERY year - I can not resist it! Now, the weather here is getting cold, but I am yet to pull out my woolen coat - until I do, I plan to stay snug and City Chic sexy well into the Festive Season! 

Unitl Next Time - 
Enjoy your Sunshine Downunder!
and EVERYONE North of the Hemisphere... 




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