Colourful tops are ROCKING my world.

I am obsessed with City Chic tops at the moment. OBSESSED. For the last few years I have almost exclusively worn dresses with the occasional pair of jeans creeping in. Right now, I am LOVING City Chic shorts, skirts and tops I LOVE that I can pair some subtle shorts or a skirt with amazing colours and blast away the UK Winter, with flashes of energy and magnificent prints. 

Just above, I am ROCKING the Crazed Geometric Strappy Top with a denim skirt, black leggings and one of my favourite boleros. I often team this with a sexy (p)leather jacket - so my colour just sneaks out. Apart from this top, which I LOVE, I am totally obsessed with the Twisted Stripe Top (left),  that City Chic has released. I mean, HELLO Colour!!!

I must admit to feeling a little jealous right now. With the Summer coming Downunder, you girls will have LOTS of sunshine to bask in, with no need to cover up your chests, arms, legs and shoulders (please remember your SPF though!).

AT LEAST here in the UK, even when it's ZERO degrees, department stores, homes and cafes are all very warm. I rekon I could rock this baby through winter and bring something bright and beautiful to London through the dreary grey months about to come. 

Heck Yeah, City Chic! I LOVE me some colour! YEAH!!!



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