Your looks. Your City Chic.

In the last week, I have been trolling through the City Chic Facebook pages. It is so amazing and inspiring to see so many beautiful women posting their images to Facebook. This last week, I have contacted a few people, who I thought epitomised the City Chic spirit and look... A couple of them wrote back and so, I wanted to share them with you.

Justine posted her image to City Chic's Facebook page and it quickly received a barrage of compliments. 

And of course it did - she looks stunning...

When I wrote to Justine, I asked her what she loves about City Chic... her reply was enthused!

"I am new to City Chic, but from the moment I put on the garment, I felt like a "head-turner". I felt flirty, sassy, classy, and confident that the dress was showing off my best features! I love City Chic because they offer a variety of designs that are contemporary, fun, and against the grain of the average plus fashion choices."

I think all of us love City Chic for similar reasons... certainly, I felt excited that Justine was NEW to City Chic, confident in the dress and then also ready to share it with ALL us City Chic girls. Facebook is fabulous for that - and the CC page is all about that kind of community!

Meanwhile... Nikki.

I saw Nikki's photo and was absolutely taken with the spirit and sass on show. 

Check it out:

I didn't know when I wrote to Nikki, but not only is she a City Chic enthusiast, she also WORKS at City Chic! 

"This is a City Chic dress that I modified: I added a halter neck, added a sleeved shawl and a chiffon peakhole at the bottom... And of course made my own hat!

I have been a City Chic lover for the last 5 years .. My whole wardrobe comes from them! (3 racks and a walk in robe FULL). Just because I'm a big girl does not mean I just want to wear a tent to cover everything... And I certainly don't want to dress like my mother like so many other plus size stores do...

Wearing City Chic clothes makes me feel young and sexy. The clothes are very fashionable and my skinny friends always comment on how great I look. I am very passionate about fashion and dressing woman to feel fabulous in there bodies, I'm doing a diploma of fashion design and once I've finished I want to design plus size clothes and hopefully get a job with the design Team at City Chic .. I currently work for City Chic in the Werribee and Highpoint stores and love styling women to look and feel amazing.

We are all beautiful inside and out and I want everyone of my clients to leave our store feeling chic & sexy"

I love this response. It reminded me of all the amazing women (and men!) who work for City Chic, who have passion for the brand and LOVE the brand because, like us, they're wearing the clothes and feeling great in them too!

I love it when people post pictures of themselves looking amazing on Facebook. It reminds me of what a great place City Chic is, and it creates a wonderful, positive community to enjoy fashion within.

I would love to see all your looks. I am on Facebook, and regularly look at the CC page - I would love to see you, wearing your favourite CC gear!

Em. x.


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