A Quickie in Budapest!

This is a quickie fashion post from Budapest! Some of you will recall that earlier in the year, I was traveling for work and was in Malta... Well - now we're shooting in Budapest and because my Mr. Darcy isn't here to take the photos - it's me and my mirror!

Budapest is experiencing sunshiney skies, but, is still a little cold at the moment! AND as Europe moves to Winter, all my clothes are about looking good and staying warm.

I am wearing the City Chic Heather Rose Tunic - which, admittedly has an ultra sexy lace back panel that I can't show off due to it being so cool here! To combat some of the cold, covering my shoulders is my staple City Chic Party Knit Shrug (I LOVE CC boleros) and I have matched it all with leggings and my sweet knee length boots.

Do you know where I wore all this sexiness? WORK! BLARGH! Ha ha!

In the next post, if I get some time away from the my desk, maybe I should post shots of me looking FABULOUS in City Chic in Budapest!

That sounds AMAZING and just the thought, makes me smile!! xxx.

Have a beautiful day, ladies!

Smooches - Em. x.


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