A little outfit & a little Budapest...

I thought I could start with a little video!!

This week I am sharing two fabulous things with you. 
The first is an outfit I rocked this week, at work, here in Budapest. 

Believe it or not, this is a little bit of a different choice for me. I wear a lot of dresses that have beautiful, high waists but this is a skirt-cami combo! This skirt is the City Chic Assymentrical Fold Skirt that was released in July. I have teamed it with a basic cami and also gone in for tights, boots and a CC shrug. Now, when I first put this all on, I had the cami tucked out and went to breakfast looking quite different... I can honestly say, until this week, I had NEVER worn a skirt on my high waist with a top tucked IN. I have always thought I looked odd. After breakfast, I got back to my room and stood in front of the mirror for about ten minutes...

Tucking in, tucking out, tucking in, tucking out...

I decided I would try tucking IN for the day, took photos and went to work. 


I got SO many compliments. People kept saying, "I love your dress"... at which point I would sheepishly say thank you. I love this look. And it has suprised me. I think sometimes, us girls get a little safe in fashion - I certainly do. I often choose things I love, but because I KNOW the clothing style - they are also very easily safe and confidence building.

This week, without complete confidence, I tried something new. And... I TOTALLY rocked it! YEAH!!! It feels good, and I recommend giving it a go, even if you just try something new at home (or even in the change room! JUST to see!!).

The second thing I would like to share with you is a little bit of Budapest. After last week's post, so many girls on Facebook mentioned they had lived here or had parents from here. These photos of my walk along the Danube River are for everyone, but especially for them! Enjoy. xxx.




I will have some more photos from this beautiful city next week, but wanted to finish on one of my FAVOURITE shots I have captured here in Budapest... I was in a Christmas Shop and saw these Fancy Lady Christmas Ornaments, I HAD to share!


More soon!

Smooches - Em.

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