I'm wearing Hope's Festival Outfit!

Sweaty but CUTE! I LOVE this City Chic Diamond Monotone Top!

Between myself, and my fellow City Chic blogger Hope - there is ten years. But... strange things keep happening and we keep picking the same outfits for things! I usually try to plan my CC Blog posts on the weekend, before I am due to post. So this weekend I went out dressed in my City Chic fashions and took some pictures, ready to post during the week... Then. On Monday, I log in here and HOPE has gone ahead and posted my EXACT outfit as her FESTIVAL look!

Ha ha! So, here I am wearing it.

I forgot to snap a pick, but this look is BEYOND AWESOME with big, moody sunglasses!

Not only is this look perfect for the current Festival Season in Australia, but I am loving it here in London as we enjoy one final blast of sun for the season!

PhotobucketI decided to team my Diamond Monotone Longline Top with my City Chic Bolero, Denim Skirt and Crop Leggings. I LOVE this look - it was suddenly 28 degrees and I knew I wanted a light top, hint of skirt and crop leggings. I find the Monotone print on this top fantastic and love the shape and design. I was sweating like a block of melting ice all day, but loved the floaty nature of my clothing as well as the sunshine on my calves. I didn't see any rockstars, but I did feel sun kissed and beautiful!

I am heading into much colder weather here in the UK in the next few months. Things are going to get REALLY frosty. I am heading to Budapest for a month with work and then come back to freezing cold London and a fab holiday in Switzerland.

I need some new, lovely thick Winter Boots. Well, really, I just LOVE any excuse to shop!

Smooch - Em.

For all your fashion needs today, head to City Chic Australia or City Chic Stateside. xxx.


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