What's in the bag?

It was my sister Ebony's 25th birthday last week and I was back home in Melbourne to help her celebrate. One thing she wanted for her birthday was to find the perfect party look that could go from dinner to dancing without too much hassle. Recently my sister has gone from a Aussie size 10-12 to a  size 14-16 and I guess she has been struggling with the change, finding pieces not fitting her in her own wardrobe and then the nightmare of negotiating shopping when your self esteem is already at a low. All I can say is thank god for City Chic. Going into a store and having everything she tried on fit her like a glove really made her day, and you can see it on her smile in the change room shots below.

My birthday pressie for my little sister was her very first manicure at a fancy Melbourne salon, don't the coral nails look fantastic alongside City Chic's latest offerings?

The first dress Ebony tried on was the City Chic beaded belt dress $179.95 AUD which she loved as purple is her favourite colour.

The second dress was the City Chic longline ruffle tunic $69.95 AUD which matched her coral manicure perfectly. Ebony has great legs from and she loves showing them off so this dress got a huge tick from her.

The third look was the City Chic stripe pencil skirt $69.95 AUD teamed with City Chic knit chiffon top $59.95 AUD. We felt this look would really work as an office look rather than a night of drinking and dancing at a bar but Ebony still had it in mind as the final look.

Ebony loves nautical sailor style dresses so as soon as she saw the City Chic spliced sailor dress $99.95 AUD on the mannequin she knew she had to try it on.

She picked up a pair of the City Chic crystal drop earrings $14.95 AUD to go with the outfit. So now comes the big question, what look do you think she went for?

What's in the bag?

What do you think she chose? What look would you have chosen? Let me know in the comments below. All will be revealed on Friday.


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