UK Summer Ends with SASS!

When the Butterfly Collection came out recently, I was intrigued. I wear a lot of feminine clothes, with layers and frills - but to me, the Madam Butterfly Collection seemed to have a really vibrant, onslaught of femininity, the likes of which made me curious as to how it would gel with my studded biker boots and sassy attitude.

It goes well!

When I ordered the Lace Black Floral Tunic, I LOVED how it looked on the model, Courtney, but wondered how I would do with such a vibrant and flouncy style. I flipping LOVE it. Sass is a state of mind, and I can tell you that this gorgeous, feminine piece felt GREAT on my figure and gelled well with my overt personality. I love the bunching of material, high waist, pockets and frills. In teaming it with my bolero and leggings I toned the look down a little - however, if I'd worn this with stockings and a shawl, it would have been quite elegant and ready for a date night... as it was, I wore this exploring Fulham and Putney in London... I felt cute, feminine and wistful... WISTFUL because summer is OVER here in the UK and I can feel my need for jackets slowly taking over!!!

As it was, I LOVE this outfit - as did my Englishman, Mr. Darcy. And ladies, ahem, we ended up turning our day into a date night, after all!

Wink Wink! 

The Madam Butterfly Collection is available on the Australia Site right now!
Watch out for the collection on the American Site and check out the current Northern Hemisphere Collections here!


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