It's a Showy Business at The Tinker, Tailor Soldier Spy Screening!

Last weekend, Mr. Darcy and I headed into London to go to the Cast and Crew Screening of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I did a small stint on the film and was lucky to get a glimpse of the finished movie before release. I really love this film and I'm very proud of it.

Now, a cast and crew screening isn't as glamorous as I would love it to be... it involves - waking up at 7am, ON A SUNDAY(!!) and heading to Leicester Square on the tube to be security screened (for recording devices) at 9am... before the film starts at 10am. They do the screenings early so that they don't interfere with regular showings later in the day. And while it's always listed as "Cast and Crew" it's really just crew members in the cinema at that time!

So. Last Sunday morning, in pouring rain - I woke up and with my man trudged into the city. While a "social" event, screenings are also work(ish) because you see all your colleagues. I always like to look casual, always NEED to be relaxed (it IS a Sunday, afterall), but always want to look a little "put together" too...

The look I went for is a current favourite and all of it comes from City Chic! Shorts, Grey Cami, Leggings, Sexy Boots and Party Shrug. I actually LOVE this look and have seen it become a "signature" way for me to dress. I think my body looks great in this combination and it lets me feel ULTRA comfortable, while also looking really nice.

The necklace, along with jam, was bought at a little English Countryside Fete! I like to embrace the Englishness of EVERYTHING! 

Here is a photo of the cast from Tinker Tailor at the Premiere last night... I might have worn strappy shoes and a dress for that one! ESPECIALLY with such a good looking cast!

Smooches - Em. x.


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