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Hi Guys!

I'm Teer Wayde a Melbourne based fashion blogger and plus size model. I've been a City Chic fan for years so imagine my delight when I was asked to be a part of their blogging team!

I have my own distinct style and flair and I can't wait to share all my in-store finds with you all. I'm sometimes kooky, have a obsession with all things spooky and an addiction to high heels and red lippy! Pinup, Military and Rock Chic are my go to styles but I'm never afraid to try something new. I wear an XS or 14 in all City Chic styles so if you ever need any measurements or help don't be afraid to ask.

So I wanted to share my latest fabulous find with you!

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City Chic Military Zippers Jacket $99.95 AUD

While we are getting to the warmer half of the year our nights are still slightly chilly so this is currently my go to Jacket when I'm out. The fitted cropped shape flatters your curves and the zip detail at the back (view bellow) give you a little more room if need be. Filled with all the Military features you would expect this is a very funky jacket. I love the clasp closure at the front and the detail on the collar.

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I've paired this up with a simple black pencil skirt from my wardrobe and some killer black pumps from Wittner but there are so many more styling options!

Here's a few items online right now I'd love to rock with this jacket. What would you wear this jacket with?

Wear it with a bright floral print! The City Chic Floral Fancy Dress $99.95 AUD will pop against the army green of the jacket.

Or for something a little more edgy how about this City Chic Strapless Inca Monotone Dress $139.95 AUD

Or casually with these these perfect City Chic Zip Me Up Black Skinny Jeans $89.95 AUD

Many Thanks to Michael Alesich from Lucky & Rice for working with me on these images.


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