Hello Tiger!?

I mostly wear dresses.

For me, it is always novel to try out something new and that's what I am trying in this post. A while ago - my signature look involved a City Chic denim skirt, Black Cami top and tiny black bolero...

These days (mostly since moving to London), I am a Dress and Tights FANATIC. But. In the last month or two, I have wanted to branch out a little. Changing up your own fashion is kind of interesting... it can involve an entire overnight change, or a slow start with Baby Steps. For me - the look I am rocking today is a Baby Step look. I want to start wearing flowy tops, ruffles - things that are a little less clingy but still cute and sexy. I just want to TRY it.

This is the Jade Animal Print Top by City Chic that came out in July. I LOVE the jewel colour of the top combined with the ruffle, sparkle and tiger print. This is lovely and flowy... On the tube in London, things get so damn hot, so I've decided to try some clothing with a bit more movement to hopefully offset that. As you can see, I have harked back to my reliable skirt (Sigh! Such Love!) and bolero. I am liking this look but admit I AM a little unsure of myself. I feel casual and cute, but I would love to know your opinions...

Hello Tiger?!?

Ha ha! Let me know!

Em. x.

For Ruffle Tops in Australia: Go here!
For Ruffle Tops in North America: Go here! 
Oh, if you're in the States - check out this Waterfall Frill Top... It's on sale and just so cute!


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