My word. Moving house is hard... SOME of my clothes are unpacked, but so many are still all boxed up!

I have been in the UK for a mere THREE years and I seem to have accumulated so many things. HOW does this happen ladies! Now, like many of you, I am completely addicted to shopping and love fancy fashions - so that explains all my boxes of dresses. BUT where do all the papers and miscellaneous items come from?

Well. I do shop a lot... Let's just pretend they're all reciepts!

In any case, even with my move, I have managed to unpack essential items. Like my City Chic Brown Pleather Jacket. I tell you - I only got this a few weeks ago and it has become an absolute staple for me here in London. We are in the throes of a wet summer - so, this is exactly what I need.

I LOVE this item.  Which is you favourite CC jacket?

Smooches Ladies! Em. x.


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