My night with Kevin Spacey in City Chic...

Theatre in London. Seriously. If you come to this city - theatre attendance is a must. See anything! A musical, play, burlesque show, dance performance... anything.

Last weekend, Mr. Darcy and I took in Richard III. Starring Kevin Spacey and directed by Sam Mendes - this play was amazing. Kevin Spacey literally steals the show with a performance that is both gripping and (funnily enough since we were watching a Shakespearean Tragedy)... hilarious. Spacey's Richard drew you in and despite being an absolute villain, as a viewer, I enjoyed him - even loved him; his deceit and gall were coupled well with his lure and tempting sleaziness.

Now, I'm not sure about you - but when I go to the theatre, it remains a really special event for me. Here in London, people dress differently for a show... some wear jeans, some go glam, some dress like they are attending a ball.

Darcy and I were seeing Richard III as part of a date night, so I wanted something figure loving and gorgeous.  I also like dressing up - and with the work hours I am doing right now, sexy nights out and special events are absolutely coveted... indeed, I met Darcy right after work to attend this show so had to decide THAT MORNING what to wear so I could change into it AT WORK!!

For my look, I had to submit to workplace hair, but I deliberately maintained my subtle makeup. The City Chic dress I chose to wear has a babe-making shape and beaded bling on the cleavage and sleeve - sometimes I like busy looks, but I wanted a little class and elegance for my night out. 

I am wearing the City Chic Military Bead Shoulder Dress that released earlier this year. It was my first bash at wearing it, and I think I completely rocked it!

(Don't Kevin Spacey and I just look AWESOME together?)

I felt great. I must say, the play went for three hours and certainly, my seat could have done with being a litle more comfy. That being said, the way this play was put together makes it accessible and wonderful to view. In fact - it is a really accessible play, in that it will soon embark on a world tour. Check dates at the official website and see if you can get along.

It is really special to watch such an amazing performer work, under such magnificent direction. Also - you can get dressed up and look totally gorgeous in all your City Chic clothing.

I mean, go see it for that reason alone!

Now, before I go, someone emailed me recently asking about my sizing. I am wearing an M here, but flux very regularly between Ls and Ms. My booty - in jeans, rocks an 18. x.

Don't Forget - City Chic Australia Site and City Chic USA Site. xxx.

Smooches - Em. x.


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