My life changing dress

Em's recent post The dress that changed my life really struck a chord with me. I found myself nodding and smiling as I read her post and it reminded me of the time I first discovered City Chic and realised that even though I'm curvy I can still be as fashionable as anyone else and look as good as anyone else. I first discovered (Big) City Chic back in 2007 when I was eighteen. I've said it a few times in past posts but back in those days I was at least 30Kilos heavier than I am now and had next to no confidence in myself and was too afraid to dress up because I feared I would stand out even more. I did buy a few (Big) City Chic pieces back then but they were mainly black long dresses that would hide me away. I floated along being too scared to embrace fashion until I visited City Chic (Chermside) again in 2009, I was twenty then and had lost some weight and was constantly glued to the old City Chic 'Friend' facebook page to see what looks they were bringing in next. I still loved my black pieces but was ready to embrace a little colour (this was a huge step for me) I then discovered the dress that changed MY life...

I fell in love with the multi coloured heart dress the minute I saw it online, I grabbed my mum and my sister and we sped down to the Chermside store to take a closer look. I remember making a beeline for the clothes rack the minute I got in store and taking the XL off the rack, I was still relatively new to City Chic sizing back then so I just assumed I would be the size I was in other stores and didn't even think the dress would fit me. I remember walking out of the change room and the shop-assistant smiled at me and said "honey this is too big for you I'll go and get you a Medium". I tried the Medium on, looked in the mirror and almost cried, my mind couldn't fathom that I could actually LOVE they way I looked in something, and that I could look fabulous! That moment changed my life for the better, I actually embraced fashion and like Em said in her post, began to enjoy going shopping. It began my love for dresses with leggings and made me learn to embrace color even if it was just subtle touches. I learnt not to hide myself away in shapeless 'sacks' and that I could wear fitted clothes and look great but most importantly feel amazing. I wish I had more photos of me wearing this amazing dress, especially a full body one but Computer crashes mean I have lost all but these. I ended up wearing the dress so much that it faded to grey and fell apart so I am on the lookout to see if anyone is willing to part with theirs (wish me luck).

One of the things I love most about City Chic is how the sizing is labelled, I love how instead of being XL-4XL or whatever the 'standard sizing' is, the garments are labelled as XS-XXL I think it is a great feeling for us to know that there is a store that caters for us curvier girls and has labelled their sizes to make us feel great.  I love reading that facebook page and seeing comments like "I can't believe I fit into a Size Small" or "I have never been a Size Large in any store" it really gives you a warm feeling. 

I owe City Chic a lot of thanks, to begin with the clothes really have changed my life, to actually be able to wear clothes that are fashionable and 'curve friendly' really is a special thing, the best feeling is when you're wearing your new favourite City Chic dress out and a Size 10 girl stops and asks you where you got your dress from because she "has to have it". I never thought I could be as trendy as my friends and be able to love and appreciate fashion as much (or even more) than them but I do now. Blogging for City Chic has also really pushed my confidence up, I love being involved with such a great team and I have learnt a lot from my fellow Bloggers and also from reading comments on our posts and on the City Chic facebook page.

This post really has been full of love hasn't it? Now it's time for YOU to share some love. How has City Chic changed your life?


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