The dress that changed my life.

Isn't it funny the impact that FASHION can have? Not the impact that fashion has on other people or society, but the impact that our own fashion has on OURSELVES.

This week, I am packing up my house. Darcy and I are moving across London and we are packing up everything we own... In my efforts, I came across a dress. A dress that changed me. A City Chic dress. My first EVER.

Bought in 2007 as a birthday present from my mum. After years of shopping at City Chic, this was my first dress.

For the longest time, I didn't really know myself in fashion. I wore a lot of jeans and t-shirts. I went through grunge and gothic... but in all honesty, I never really found a style that was ME. The style in which you find your confidence and think - THIS is me. THIS represents me and who I am.

That being said through my early twenties (post goth phase), I did have outfits I loved. LOTS of them, actually. Indeed, when I stopped being a goth, my mum convinced me a little colour would be nice and I owned LOTS of great City Chic jeans and tops as I started to try and find myself in fashion.

But you see, despite having heaps of clothes that I loved - I never had style confidence. Do you know what I mean?

I mean I never had confidence in fashion. I never thought to myself - I'm going to wear XYZ outfit and look completely fierce and completely represent who I am and what I like.

That may sound a little superficial. As a plus-size girl though, finding my fashion and understanding more about what I love and how my curves work has helped me feel more confident INTERNALLY. The line that I use to market my personal blog is, "I have great curves and I know how to wear them". And I do. But not always.

When I discovered (Big) City Chic in 2002 in Penrith, it was like a revelation. I was 23 and unsure of my sense of style. I KNEW I didn't want to wear shapeless tents but back then, had few stores to choose from. The day I went into City Chic for the first time, I was like... OH THANK GOODNESS. Sometimes, on the Facebook page - even now, I see girls writing such a thing. The same sentiment - THANK GOODNESS I FOUND YOU (City Chic).

These days, I am sure most of you know by now, I am pretty much a dress wearer. I like feminine style and mostly wear dresses mixed with some sort of hard edge... be it studded boots, leather & lace or perhaps a little rock edge. When I put on my first City Chic dress (the one above), IT JUST WORKED. I put it on, walked out to show my mum and we both KNEW something had happened. 

My mum knew, I was happy. I knew - I had found IT. My fashion. My LOVELY, LOVELY fashion. So I wore the dress everywhere.

Yesterday, when I found this dress in my wardrobe, I was filled with all kinds of emotions. This dress. This City Chic dress, which is four years old, changed me. It changed how I feel about fashion as well as how I wear fashion. It means SO much to me. I am sure, in fact, I am certain that some of you must have City Chic clothes that have had the same impact? 

Tell me. 

Tell me in the comments section below, or email me through photos. If enough of you respond, I would like to post about you. Post about your gorgeous City Chic fashion and how it has impacted you. 

I look great all the time. I understand my body and what makes me feel confident and makes feel great about myself. It took me YEARS to get here, but City Chic helped. I got a BIG reminder of that this week. 


Tell me. 

I have GREAT curves and I know how to wear them. I bet you do too. 



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