Daytime Glam and Sparkly Nights.

Firstly ladies,

Thank you so much for all the amazing, positive feedback on last week's post. For me, finding City Chic was not just about fashion, but also quite an emotional, personal experience - I am so pleased that last week's post was familiar to so many of you. You know, it is really strange to say that when I found City Chic, I couldn't quite believe I had found something for ME in fashion; posting about that beautiful dress - which let me find my fashion feet was one of the most honest posts I have ever written.

So thank you. x.

NOW - Let's look at some Gorgeousness. My house is in complete disarray with my having just moved, so I thought I'd look at the City Chic pieces I'm coveting this week and share them with you. I always find it so compelling to read the feedback on Facebook about what people are liking and not liking style wise - we all have such varied tastes, so I thought I might share my faves. x.

My current favourite look for day includes pieces which I think - combined - would be so unbelieveably glam... DAYTIME GLAM:

I LOVE High Waisted Jeans. I love the steady line they give my figure as well as the comfort they afford by tucking away my muffin top. I have been waiting for High Waists to come back online at City Chic so this is very exciting.  I am also loving this Fringe Detail Jumper. I love everything about it, actually. The metallic thread, fringe detail and slight skin peeks through the v-neck are all really appealing. This outfit would look gorgeous and casually glam - giving you a great silhouette and absolutely fab, feminine look. Mind you, I would likely wear a pair of chunky boots with this just to edge it up a bit. I love me some hard edges!!

My second set of choices are all about having a SPARKLY NIGHT - both out for an evening and... IN for a night!! (WOOT WOO).

I adore both these pieces. I think the Bling Collie Maxi is both unique and beautiful. I bet my left arm that this dress does a beautiful job skimming a curvy shape thanks to the block colours, line through the centre and drape from the hip. It looks amazing and the sparkles literally just add to it. As for the Super Sparle Mesh Babydoll. Well. Va Va Voom. I own some of the last release sleepwear and  can tell you the fit, cut and shape are divine. In fact - my City Chic sleepwear makes me feel great and special no matter if I'm alone - or with my partner. I LOVE the latest pieces and this one - with the sparkles (which are on the babydoll AS WELL as on the panties) is just stunning.

Love Love Love.

We are lucky girls. Really very lucky girls. Let me know what you are loving the look of right now? OR - even better, send me a picture of yourself in your latest purchase so I can feature you here on the blog!

Do it!

Smooches, ladies! Em. x.


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