Vogue Australia's first ever Plus Size Fashion Editorial!!!

Images Source: Frockwriter
Australian plus size model Robyn Lawley, who we blogged about back in June when she landed the cover of Vogue Italia, has gone and done the unthinkable and shot with Vogue Australia. Vogue Australia isn't a title known for its risk taking, and in fact this is the first plus size editorial the magazine has produced in its 52 year life span. Styled by Vogue Australia's Fashion Editor Meg Gray (who, coincidentally, I blogged about back in May) and shot by Vogue Australia's photographer of choice Max Doyle, the shoot is notable when looked at in comparison to international plus size editorials in that Lawley is actually wearing clothes. Often in plus size fashion editorials we see plus size models wearing little more than lingerie or swimsuits and rarely do we get to see them in high end designer clothing. The reason for this is simple, sample sizes which stylists deal with don't come in larger sizes (I should know, I work as a stylist) so what Meg and her team have done here is sourced shop floor clothing that will fit Robyn's ample curves. The results are beautiful, a stunning editorial that hopefully pushes the Australian fashion industry into action, becoming more accepting and showcasing more beautiful curves inside our magazine pages, because as consumers that's what we want to see. Am I right?


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