Please, please me!

See the little cake at the front there? It first featured in my post last year about Birthday Cakes and completely pertained to the film I was working on here in London - CAPTAIN AMERICA!!

I admit it City Chic ladies, this is a completely "My life in UK" oriented post! Last year, you may recall, I posted a few posts about my work life - There was: Working Hard For a Living! and Days Into Night. At that stage, I couldn't divulge too much about the show I was on... but it was the latest Superhero Blockbuster, Captain America. I worked really hard on the show and I wanted to encourage you to see it. It is good old action based fun!

Here is the trailer!

While on the show, I got to meet Stanley Tucci, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell and even Chris Evans. So much fun! If you have any questions about working on the show - feel free to ask in the comments section, below!

In any case - I wanted to share. I feel lucky working here in London and the fact I can share it with all you stunners, makes me really happy. Speaking of stunners...

Remember a few weeks back when I mentioned Lucy in the We Love Lucy post and she was in the amazing Spliced Vinyl Cropped Jacket? Well, I would LOVE to know who got one?


Seriously, this jacket has brought me nothing but compliments and head turns! Please go ahead and tell me what you think of it, or better yet - upload your pictures to the City Chic Facebook page!

Don't forget - we have multiple sites for you to shop from! City Chic Australia and City Chic Amercia

Big Smooches Ladies...

Em. x.


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