Birthday BABE...

This fierceness is entirely thanks to City Chic! Dress, Bolero, Belt! Oh MY!

Do you know what's awesome? Getting older. I actually LOVE it. This week, I turned 32 and I am pleased to say, I feel fab.

I am not one to go in for a MEGA crazy birthday, but I do enjoy time with my loved ones and birthday smooches with my man. In fact, my Mr, Darcy got me a Kindle. Amazing. I LOVE reading and when I moved from Australia to the UK, I donated almost all my books to charities. I feel so lucky, that I can replenish my collection to a device I can always have with me! YEAH!!!

Look at the amazing blingy detail. I love that this is sexy, fitted and FEMININE!!

For my day, I decided to wear my new City Chic Strappy Bling Betty dress with a Knitted Shrug and Belt. I am so surprised this dress hasn't sold out yet, because, seriously ladies? It is AMAZING. I have had so many compliments and seen heads turn. This dress, is a heavy cotton and so shape is strong and holds to your figure. I also love that it is understated, completely classy and has too functional pockets at the front.

 I am seeing more of Mr Darcy this week, so will have gorgeous full length shots next time!
He is a WONDERFUL photographer and takes my best shots!

I loves it. For birthday treats to myself, I decided on some pampering here in London which included getting waxed at my favourite salon - STRIP, getting a facial in the COWSHED and downloading HEAPS of books to read to my new Kindle.

I love special days - be they birthdays, days off or even days after taking an exam! Days when you feel good and relieved and special... When is your next special day?

Oh - before I go - one last thing. The Snake Charmer theme currently hitting City Chic stores is MEGA here in London right now. Mega all over Europe actually (the Chloe fashion show in Paris was especially WOW) - I mean check out this fierce look from Naomi Campbell.. I am so excited by this latest launch. Well done, CC!


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