We love Lucy...

 Lucy Doyle and Fluvia Lacerda

Lucy Doyle is the gorgeous Senior Designer here at City Chic. Like many of us girls - Lucy loves City Chic... Not only does Lucy design so many of the awesome pieces we get to wear... but SHE WEARS THEM TOO!

There is something amazing about meeting Lucy. Lucy's love for City Chic, as well as her love for designing clothing for us girls, is just so evident when you start chatting (would you believe I bumped into her in London when she was on a design inspiration trip!).

Earlier this year in Melbourne, during a Cosmopolitan Styling Session at the new Bourke Street Store, Lucy wowed everyone with her passion and love for the clothes being showcased. BUT - she also wowed them for another reason...

Ah, excuse me, how amazing is this jacket? And look at how well Lucy, ROCKS IT. 

When these shots of Lucy in the Spliced Vinyl Cropped Jacket came out, you all reacted completely enthusiastically. You facebooked us and tweeted, asking - WHERE CAN I GET THAT JACKET...?!!?

Well, ladies, I'm pleased to tell you that the Spliced Vinyl Cropped Jacket is ON LINE and IN STORES now and it's already starting to sell out. YES. I was so caught up buying through the City Chic sales, that I nearly missed this jacket when it was released. Luckily for me, I am addicted to shopping and have managed to nab one!

Look at how hot Courtney looks in it too:

Seriously now girls - this jacket is unique, sexy, edgy, innovative and really, really hot. If you want it, I suggest getting in fast. I rekon this is gonna sell like hotcakes!



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