Stylists Getting It RIGHT.

There are always going to be certain looks that you love. LOVE. The looks you always wear and look fabulous in (personally, I like to combine florals with edgy touches... Think summer dresses with thick studded boots and pleather jackets). The looks that you KNOW you look good in because you have styled them so many times before.

I live in the UK. You know this. I wear jackets almost every day BUT, I am not good at styling jackets. I can rock the socks of my tried and true pleather jackets, and I can wear a bolero or cardigan like a pro - but what I am not great at, is styling smart, tailored jackets... Lately, while looking around the City Chic website I have been so impressed with styling. I think City Chic does a phenomenal job at putting together sexy, stylish and FEASIBLE outfits for us girls. Outfits we would wear.

Look at the above image. That image consists of THREE City Chic pieces, all of which could be worn in a multitude of ways - but have been styled so sexily together and for US - it is inspired. The outfit is something you could wear to work and then take out on an evening. It is a perfect day/night transition look and it is sultry and feminine without being overt. I am enamoured.

The three pieces are:
Bow Clasp Jacket  $99.95 (AUD)
Jacquard Skirt - $30.00 (AUD)
Intense Antique Lace Top - $69.95 (AUD)

Do any of you own these three pieces? You should post this look to the City Chic facebook page, because it would be great to see how you further style it... What accessories would you wear with this? How would you do your hair (I love that Courtney's is both up and down! VERSATILE!)?

I love how outfits on the CC website are styled for US. It makes me proud that CC is so fashion forward but also takes the time and cares about presenting us with clothes we can covet and love.

Right now... I COVET and LOVE this:

It's the Super Jewelled Lace Dress... Should I buy it for one of my date nights (you remember THIS post, right?)...

What do you think? xxx.


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