Similar but Different...

I always try and post some lovely photos for you girls to enjoy. Last week, over on my personal blog, Oh, The Places You'll Go! I posted a look which I wasn't sure of on first wear, but has since become my absolute favourite new outfit... Take a look:

Plus Size,City Chic,Fashion,Shorts,London,Macrame Top,Cami,Curves,Boombands Em

I love this look so much that I actually bought another macrame top and pair of shorts in the OUTRAGEOUS City Chic sale (happening on the Aussie and American based sites!)


Now, I thought I would show you the macrame top again...

Effectively, these outfits are completely similar - but look totally different in the sense that above, I look ultra-fly, while below - I look like I am out and about relaxing for a casual sunday (I was actually at Liverpool Street Station in London picking up a visiting Aussie!)

Plus Size,City Chic,Fashion,Harem Pants,Macrame Top,Cami,Curves,Boombands Em,London

Plus Size,City Chic,Fashion,Harem Pants,Macrame Top,Cami,Curves,Boombands Em,London
Anyone who has read my posts for a while will know that ultimately, I am a dress-wearer. I LOVE dresses and tights and belts and accessories. For me, this macrame top has sparked a revolution. I bought it ages ago - on first release from City Chic and have been biding my time to team it with the right things. In the first shot, you can see that it works exceedingly well with the shorts, black cami and red peeking bra straps... in the photos above and to the left, it AGAIN works with the green cami and harem pants. 

I must say I DO love when I find an item, which - pretty much UNITENTIONALLY becomes a wardrobe staple... I told you - in the sale, I bought ANOTHER one!

I think it is always important in blogs for people to share what they wore when looking a little bit casual. Casual for me, doesn't mean a lack of style - it is more a different kind of style. 

Now. MOST importantly - what did you get in the sale? Did anyone else double up on items? Seriously? I HAD to... I hate when my favourite thigs sell out - so I always buy a back-up - I am a SUCKER for backups... Am I the only one?

Happy June!



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