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If you watched last years X Factor competition on Channel Seven you will be all to familiar with Sally Chatfield. Sally was runner up in the competition. From the moment I saw Sally perform during the auditions I instantly wanted her to go right to the end, she has one of the most amazing voices I have heard. Sally is also a curvy girl who embraces her curves and dresses to compliment them. As you all would know by now my own style is 'Girly Rock Chick' Sally embraces a very similar style and it definitely suits her! She also opened the City Chic Runway Show for Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. I contacted Sally to see if she would be interested in appearing on the blog and she was happy to be involved so in June I am inspired by Sally Chatfield, A true Rock n Roll Queen!


Sally, the majority of the public know you from your time on X Factor, what have you been up to since the show ended?
Well coming off the show was such an experience in itself, I couldn't go out anywhere without people coming up to me (which still feels amazing), my Facebook was run off its feet with people wanting to talk to me or book me for their weddings. functions, you name it, they wanted me for it! My main achievements so far have been my single that i recorded with Jae Maree, for the Queensland Floods (where half of each CD sold goes to the charity), singing for the Australian Film Industry Awards and of course L'Oreal fashion week for City Chic.

In shows like the X-Factor they take unknown talented people and catapult them into the music and performance industry. This must have been a big change for you at such a young age. Did you have trouble adapting to 'life in the spotlight' or did you find it an easy change?
I have been singing and performing since I was in grade 2, when i was in grade 5 I sang in front of over 10,000 people live and I also had a short time on a small TV show called Jamie Redferns Super Kids and Great Southern Voices when i was younger as well. So I was no stranger to performing in front of crowds and such. Though The X Factor was a completely new and exciting experience. Especially because I had never been in a situation where I had to stand there and wait for 4 strangers to comment on my performance.

As for being in the spotlight, I still find that crazy but in a way humbling, who hasn't dreamt about being some kind of famous and having people recognize you on the street? but these people love me for my voice and there's nothing more amazing than that.

From the moment I saw you on The X-Factor I admired you. You have an amazing voice and as a curvier woman I thought it was great to see that there was a contestant who represented a curvier body shape on the show. Did you ever feel any pressure to look a certain way onstage?
There is always some kinda of pressure to look or act a certain way when it comes to these kinds of shows or just the music industry in general, but i got chosen for The X Factor for my whole package, not just my voice. In a way that made me a lot more confident and comfortable with how i looked and for having curves. There were the up and down days, but on the show I did manage to lose some weight because I was eating a lot better and living a busier and healthier lifestyle. At the end of the day people loved me for me, so nothing else really mattered, just singing and performing and being myself.

You performed as part of City Chic's 'Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival' Runway show. How did it feel to be a part of such an iconic event for Plus Size fashion?
I was so privileged to be chosen for such an event. Especially because City Chic sent me a lot of their clothing when I was on The X Factor and those outfits were a lot of the ones I wore for photo shoots and on the show etc. I love that there is finally a line of clothing out there that doesn't just cater to tall skinny women and looks amazing and stylish for the plus sizes.

As someone who is in the public eye constantly have you noticed in recent times that Plus Size fashion and a curvier body shape are being promoted in a more positive way within the public?
People have this notion that if you are a size 14+ you are in some way overweight or unhealthy and that isn't good, but there are a lot of people out there that can't help there conditions or are just naturally curvy but still healthy. Do they not deserve to look as good as any other person walking down the street or on TV? I think people have realized they shouldn't discriminate against people who are plus size and instead, are starting to embrace it as normal and beautiful, because we are normal and beautiful.

When I saw you perform on The X Factor I instantly fell in love with your style, it's very similar to mine and I love how you always rocked dark and edgy dresses with tights and stockings. How would you describe your style and take on fashion?
I just love to wear pretty dresses and making them a little edgier with tights, boots, and accessories. I mean I'm still a girly girl at heart - I love playing with hair and make up and looking pretty, but I just cater to my mood and my own style. I love to look a little different but still be comfortable. Most importantly, I dress for my size. I always get good comments from people about how I always look good in what I wear because I dress well for my figure and weight , I love that people recognize that. If I'm going to be curvier I want people to still appreciate that I dress, look, and feel amazing.

Lastly Sally, Who do you seek inspiration from stylewise in the music world? Be it an artist, song, music genre or even a band?
There are so many people, movies, and shows that I get my inspiration from, it's hard to put down a list. Generally if I see something I like, I'll be like "oo, I really want that" and then pretty much either find it online or buy it in the next shop that sells it. I think The Veronicas are a big style icon for me, how they wear pretty dresses with tights, leather jackets, and boots or ballet flats, but have rocking jewellery to match. I've seen some stuff that Lady Gaga has worn and said "I must have that" - like the gloves she sometimes wears, or accessories. But I very much stick to a girly yet alternative look with lots of fluro green and purple jewellery.


I don't want to do a style board for this 'Inspired by' post. I want to let Sally's words speak for themselves. She mentioned the importance of dressing for your body shape and that's something that I truly believe in. Most importantly though I believe in dressing for YOU not other people if YOU feel fantastic and if YOU know you look amazing then other people will feel that vibe. I loved Sally's comment about the public embracing fuller figured fashion and treating it as normal and beautiful because we ARE normal and beautiful. That is why I love the City Chic brand so much because we are given the options of buying fashionable, trendy clothes that are Curve friendly. City Chic also embraces the importance of having confidence and this is portrayed in their motto; Be Bold, Be Sexy, Be Glam, Be Chic, I live by this motto because I am and can be all of those things and so can all of you.

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