A Formal Affair

As younger girls we dream about those formal occasions where we can wear a beautiful dress, heels, make up, and jewellery and make ourselves feel so special and grown up. For many girls their first chance at a formal occasion is their senior formal. I graduated in 2006 and my formal was in July, as a teenager I wasn't very fussed on dressing fancy and wearing gorgeous dresses, I was about three sizes bigger than I am now and was very much into the "Emo" trend. I wasn't aware of shops like City Chic so when it came time to finding my formal dress I just stuck to a very basic 'emo-esque' lace skirt and got a dress-maker to attach some material so it would form a dress. Don't get me wrong at the time I was so happy and I did feel beautiful. I had a dress that was my style, the make up, the hair, the date, and a corsage but now as a 'grown up' (well a 22 year old) I always look back and wish I got to search for that special dress. My sister turns 21 tomorrow and for her birthday party on Saturday night she had a Masquerade Ball. The dress code was Formal Attire so I was given a second chance to find that special formal dress!

When the Damn You Alexis/City Chic line came out the dress I was obsessed with was the Spliced Pleather Ponti Dress, I thought it was so rock n roll. I was instore during the City Chic sales and picked up the Spliced Pleather Ponti Dress to try on, at the same time my sister had picked up the Pleather Knit Maxi and demanded that I try that on. I only had time to try one dress on so I buckled to her demands and headed towards the change rooms. When I looked in the mirror I knew I HAD to get that dress, I didn't care where I would wear it, how many times, that it was too long for me, I just knew It had to be mine. It is the most flattering dress I have ever worn! Personally I find it really hard to find a dress that fits perfectly, let alone a strapless dress, my chest and waist measurements are not in proportion with my lower body and are much smaller so most dresses will slip off my chest but fit perfectly down the bottom. Not this dress though, it was made for me, it hugs and flatters my body like no other and I knew it was going to be mine and I knew I was going to be wearing it to my sisters 21st!

My family never does anything by halves especially parties and celebrations. Because my dad works in the entertainment industry and my mum used to work in hospitality we always take our parties very seriously and nothing is forgotten. My sisters 21st was no exception there was a candy buffet, loud music, disco lights, a marquee, and my parents even got up with their friends and had a band session! Watching my parents rock out with huge smiles on their faces made me so happy - it's just proof that you are never too old to be doing something that you love (even my mum was hopping around the room doing her best Angus Young impersonation while playing her guitar). The night was amazing, I wish I had more photos to share but we had a professional photographer and I don't have the photos back so here are just a few from the night:

The Candy Buffet

Me in my DYA for CC Maxi and my gorgeous nephew looking sharp in his suit.

Do you have a formal event or even your senior formal coming up? City Chic have some gorgeous dresses that will help you look and feel a million dollars! Here are just a few of my favourites;

1. Helena Bling Maxi - $149.95
2. Metallic Goddess Maxi - $199.95
3. Helena Chain Maxi - $159.95
4. Helena Bling Bust Maxi - $149.95

Make sure you post your outfit pics on the City Chic Facebook Page we all love seeing how you style your outfits! Have you checked out the new and fun Want To Play range? I have my eye on the Diamond Monotone Longline Top. Don't forget to enter the competition to win a $500 City Chic wardrobe! For full details visit the City Chic website.

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