Sleeping Sexy with Courtney Maxwell and City Chic.

Courtney Maxwell, with City Chic, she is creating sexy sleepwear for the plus-size girl. LUCKY US! xxx.

I remember the first time I ever tried to buy some sort of sexy nightwear. It was so awkward. It was eleven years ago, I was about 20 and wanted something pretty and feminine to sleep in... It was not an easy thing to find. As a size 18/20 and quite a self conscious young thing - I went into a department store and felt the prickle of embarrassment as I wandered about, swooping through the racks - hoping I could find something big enough for my hips and breasts - but also - something youthful... In the end, I settled on a relatively shapeless blue slip. Soft to touch, but not particularly fitted... The slip DID feel nice against my skin but was relatively blah really. 

When I heard that our amazing Face of City Chic, Courtney Maxwell was designing some nightwear, I was well excited. In a blog post in the lead up to Valentine's Day (when the first lot of sleepwear was released) the key points of the sleepwear were listed thus:
  • Supported bust area – double lined with encased elastic under the bust for full support
  • Shirring on the back of bust to fit all bust sizes and shapes
  • Washable – Easy to wash, Wash bag, often known as lingerie bag or delicates bag is recommended to keep your sleepwear looking brand new.
  • Diamante detail
  • Sexy and tasteful all in one
  • Fabric – Stretch satin to fit all shapes and sizes
  • All fabrications are designed to be figure flattering as they skim over the body to create a beautiful silhouette and are extremely comfortable to sleep in. I would know, I have tried them all out and my boyfriend loves them too!
I got two lots of sleepwear from the first collection - 

I bought the Spotted Betty Cami Shorts Set first. I like wearing singlet tops and pants to bed, so this was an easy first choice for me. I was immediately struck by the comfort of the set, but also the care that had been taken in crafting the sleepwear and the softness of the fabrics. I bought the Sexy Lace Victoria Babydoll next. 

Now. I don't care if you are single or coupled... feeling sexy is IMPORTANT. When you buy something like the Lace Victoria Babydoll, you buy it to feel feminine, to feel sexy. It works. Not only do I like wearing this for myself to help remind me what a gorgeous woman I am, but I loved being able to pull it out and wear it on a mini-break with my Mr. Darcy. As a part of a very stable couple - I LIKE that I can take his breath away.

My current favourites from the NEW(!!) Sleepwear Collection by Courtney Maxwell for City Chic are below:

The Animal Sleepwear Set is a no-brainer. I told you! I LOVE singlet top/pant combinations to sleep in and this beats an old pair of tracky-dacks any day! Also - because I know how soft the material will be, I am certainly getting my hands on this one! The next piece I LOVE is the Antique Lace Shrug. What a phenomenal piece. I don't mind my arms, but do like a little shoulder/underarm coverage. I LOVE that I could slip on a sexy nightie, pop on this shrug and sit, feeling totally confident and sexy and watch TV, or eat a romantic dinner, or talk in candlelight. This is such a thought-out piece - and I will go odds on, I need to buy two... one for the bedroom and one for the streets of London. This Antique Lace Shrug is VERSATILE. I need it for home and I need it for going out. LOVE.

Finally - I want the Black Lace Slip Courtney is wearing with the shrug in the image above. I mean - I like feeling sexy. On my own, there is nothing quite like a warm shower, exfoliation, body butter, clean sheets and soft fabric on my skin. And. Well...

I do like to take Mr. Darcy's breath away.

(By the way - you do know everything on the Aussie site is 50% off until the 31st, right? You better get shopping!)


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