Pin-Ups and Prada.

I love being a woman. LOVE it. I feel so lucky too, to feel good about myself and feel empowered as a female. Recently, my bestie (Bex - who I ALWAYS talk about here!) was really generous and gave me a pair of Prada Sunglasses. Do you know what they match perfectly?

My City Chic Dotted Pin-Up dress circa 2007! I absolutely LOVE this dress. It is made with a heavy cotton and has a lovely drape on it. You know those clothes you just don't wear often enough, and then - as you pull them out of your closet, your head starts nodding and your brain keeps going - YES...!

THIS is one of those dresses for me.

You can see that I have teamed this dress with my boots, favourite City Chic lace bolero, train track background and a little piece of Prada. I love this look and as the UK heads FAST towards summer, I plan to rock these glasses and a lot more vintage styling. 

What is your favourite look for your coming season? Personally, I am loving that I can STILL get away with wearing my Military Pleather Jacket. I LOVE it and will pop it in the next post. The pleather is soft and the jacket fits like a dream... one things I can say about the UK - you pretty much always need a jacket!

Em. x.


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