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Amandah Wilkinson is the frontwoman of Queensland band Operator Please. I have always been a fan of Operator Please and Amandah, I bought one of their first EP's and first saw them live in 2007 just before I turned 18. I found it really inspiring that they were so successful and so talented at such a young age. Amandah and her bandmates are extremely talented, the first time I saw them live I was amazed, they are so full of energy and make every performance seem like a giant party. I always admired Amandah not only because she is a female frontwoman but also because she has a very realistic body shape. When Operator Please and I became "friends" on Facebook I decided to send Amandah a quick message to see if she would be interested in talking to me for a blog post and luckily for me she said yes!

You have inspired many women who want to be part of the Music Industry (including myself) by being a female frontwoman and also by having a healthy and realistic body image. How do you feel about this?
I'm just a normal person that makes music. I think that's perhaps what people tend to forget. Musicians are everyday people. If I've inspired at least one person to chase what they want then I'm happy. I don't consider myself a role model but I do believe in being yourself.

As a curvier woman in the Music Industry have you ever felt pressure to look a certain way from managers and labels?
It's not managers and labels it's more everything else around you, which then turns into internal pressure. I think sometimes you tend to make comparisons to other people and then you have to sit back and remember that you're not them.

I'm not sure if you are aware but recently City Chic made fashion history when they became the first Plus Sized label to walk on the catwalk as part of the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Have you noticed that plus sized fashion and a more realistic body image are being promoted in a more positive way and accepted more within the public?
I think in recent times yes. It's just a shame that it even had to get to this point where a realistic body image wasn't even seen and that women in particular at times have been made to feel alienated by the single aesthetic that is seen everywhere. I think there are two ways to look at it though - you can either choose to be heavily influenced by what is put in front of you and what can be seen in the media OR you can do your own thing. The more emphasis we put on it, the more noticeable it becomes.

Whenever I think of your style I think of cute black clothes with brightly colored crazy accessories and make up. How would you describe your style and take on Fashion?
The best way to describe my style is minimalist with accessories. I like to keep the bases simple. For instance I will have a dress and build accessories on the shoulders. I am all about the shoulders. I wear a lot of vintage pieces as well, mainly for the cut of things. My sister makes all of my accessories as well - so we really get to experiment with it all. My take on fashion is very "keep it simple" - with things built on.

Lastly Amandah who or what are you inspired by stylewise?
People always laugh when I tell them my fashion inspiration. But here goes: Peggy Bundy from "Married With Children" - I love the big hair, the big eyes, she wears a lot of spandex and high waisted pieces. My next one is Nanny Fine from "The Nanny" - I think the way her outfits and accessories are matched is definitely something to aspire to. My last ones are Grace Jones & Annie Lennox of "Eurythmics" - both women were able to walk the androgynous line. Both women had the amazing ability to look feminine whilst dressed in clothing that was masculine. They had the suites down to a T - And the shape of the shoulders in a lot of their outfits have been my favourite. Emphasis on the shoulders!

Amandah's fashion motto is 'keep it simple' - with things built on. For an Amandah inspired by look I have started with the Military Bead Shoulder Dress I know Amandah has said that she is a big fan of emphasis on the shoulders but I also know that many of the City Chic ladies are a little conscious of big shoulder accessories. The Military Bead dress is the perfect starting point it has some detail on the shoulders but is still simple enough for you to use as your 'canvas'. The Pleather Trim Leggings add a subtle but quirky touch. I adore these shoes they stick to the all black theme of the outfit but add a touch of cute. Adding the Military Glam Necklace breaks up the black outfit and adds a touch of quirkiness. Adding a slick of bright pink lipstick helps to give a pop of color and will ensure you command attention. Apply some sparkly eyeshadow to give your eyes a subtle Peggy Bundy look. Finish your outfit with a coat of nailpolish to match your lipstick and you are ready! When creating my 'Amandah Wilkinson Inspired by outfit' I wanted to take onboard the way Amandah described her style but also put my own spin on it. The dress is very versatile you can wear it almost anywhere. For me I would wear this outfit out clubbing with the girls or even to a concert (maybe I should wear a similar outfit next time I see Operator Please?).

Welcome to Polyvore!

I would like to thank Amandah for taking the time to answer my questions and for being so friendly. To keep up to date with all things Operator Please make sure you sign up to their Newsletter via the official site. As always, to stay connected to all things City Chic make sure you keep an eye on the Facebook Page and this blog. In two weeks time I am finally going to see Katy Perry at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, I almost can't contain my excitement! I will be back to tell you all about the show and post some photos.

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