Baby you're a firework

It has been two weeks since I saw Katy Perry live and yes, I am still obsessed with all things Katy! I absolutely adore her personality, style, and of course her music. In particular the song 'Firework' it actually sometimes brings tears to my eyes! I've said that my 'Inspired by' blogs won't always be about celebrities, I'll stick to the theme of music but I'd love for song, genre, even band suggestions. This month I am inspired by Katy Perry's song 'Firework' and the message it portrays. I recently saw this video of Katy Perry playing 'Firework' at the Radio 1 Teen choice awards in London, when introducing the song Katy has tears in her eyes and thanks everyone for their support because the song means the world to her, in my mind that just cements the meaning of the song and the importance of the message it portrays through the lyrics.

“You don't have to feel like a waste of space, You're original cannot be replaced. If you only knew what the future holds, out of a hurricane comes a rainbow”. This song to me is about embracing life and not being afraid to be proud of what and who you are and to stand tall and proud and show your true colours. It's about accepting who you are and embracing that, work what you have and be confident because that is when your true beauty will shine. So remember 'baby you're fireworks, come and show them what you're worth, make them go oh, oh as you shoot across the sky'.

To me a 'Firework outfit' is the outfit that truly represents YOU it doesn't matter if it's not a latest trend or a flashy pricey outfit. It's that unique outfit that shows a little about the person you are and when wearing it you feel a million dollars! My “Firework outfit” staple item is the Vinyl Waistband Tunic. I absolutely LOVE it! I blogged about it in a previous post and I really don't want to take it off. I'm conscious of my arms so to make me really feel a million dollars I like to add a Jacket or Bolero to give me that extra confidence. The Pleather Biker Jacket makes me feel like a Rock n Roll Queen I feel so confident, and truly myself when I wear it. The military Bolero I am wearing in the 2ND photo is part of the Miss Military collection and I always wear it! It is the perfect length and defines my smaller waist. Another staple item for me is a pair of Leggings they always give me that extra inch of confidence and means I can wear some of the shorter tunics and still feel fantastic! Anyone who knows me well knows that I rarely go out without a cute necklace and hair bow they are my 'statement pieces'. The best part about having a 'Firework' outfit is the fact that it doesn't have to be what your friends are wearing or a fully glam outfit it can be as simple as a pair of jeans and a jumper, it's that outfit that you always go to when you aren't feeling yourself, it represents you. I always love reading the comments on the facebook page and seeing how excited the customers get when they find an outfit that truly represents them and helps them feel a million dollars. Here is two versions of my Firework outfit. What do you think?

My firework outfit represents who I am and what I love. I'm very girly but in a glam rock chick kind of way and I live in dresses. This outfit represents my style and personality; Rocking, glam, feminine, sweet and a little edgy. More importantly I feel confident and happy when I'm wearing it. I know everyone has those little parts that they wish they could change but City Chic is all about embracing what you love and rocking it! Be Bold, Be Sexy, Be Glam, Be Chic!

I would love to know; WHAT IS YOUR FIREWORK OUTFIT?

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