Spanish Rose

City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,Pleat Rosa Dress,Spanish Rose,Plus-size
The Pleat Rosa Dress by City Chic - available online now (AUS site)

In my last post "Sexy is the Word", I suggested that you gorgeous ladies come up with ideas for my next date night. I thought I better mention my size, as a few of the selections were only available outside my range. For dresses, I wear mostly an M and sometimes an L - it can depend on the fabric across the chest. My boobies need a little fabric stretch!

One dress suggested by Kylie was the Red Rose Kiki Dress... When that dress came out, it was released at the same time at the Pleat Rosa Dress and because I've missed my chance for Kiki - I have decided to show you Rosa. I bought the Pleat Rosa Dress on release as I felt enamored by the colour, vibrance and cut. The pleats and waisted design really appeal to me and so too does the Spanish feel of the dress. Some of my genetics hail from Spain, so I was quite keen for a little Spanish gorgeous!

City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,Pleat Rosa Dress,Spanish Rose,Plus-size

I wore this dress for a weekend mini-break this last weekend. Mr. Darcy (my true English Gent) and I took a trip into the South East of England to see his parents. You can see - the sun is out in the UK! YES! It is such an exciting thing to have a full weekend with sun after such a long, cold winter. The drive took a couple of hours, so we had the windows open, the radio on and sunshine kissing our arms.

City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,Pleat Rosa Dress,Spanish Rose,Plus-sizeI feel so pretty in this dress. No kidding. I made my hair dry wavy, and wore just a little eye makeup - this dress, with the gorgeous red and rich black - really does a lot of the work for you... I seriously feel so pretty in this one!

I teamed this dress with an old favourite. This is a City Chic lace bolero from years ago. It has long been my go-to shrug in Summer and with the sunshine out, for the first time in ages, I had to put it on. I teamed this outfit with an Accessorise Necklace and a simple pair of Summer Sandals. This weekend is the first weekend  since NOVEMBER that I have not worn tights here in the UK. SERIOUSLY!

Speaking of Spain, my best friend in London, Bex, has ditched her job here and is heading to Spain for a few months to do an intensive language course. She plans to study for three hours a day for about eight weeks, all the while enjoying Spanish sun and food. I bet she gets a cerveza or two in as well!

Next Saturday, Bex is having a Spanish themed party at her house, I may have to rock this baby again. I love it so much, it would be no challenge. I could team it with some bright red lipstick - maybe Ruby Woo from Mac for that extra sultry look. What do you rekon?

City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,Pleat Rosa Dress,Spanish Rose,Plus-size

OMG - Royal Wedding in two weeks! I'll be in London, but probably avoiding the event itself... do you want to see any of the kitsch shop windows or decorations that are up? There are commemorative plates EVERYWHERE!



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