Sexy is the Word.

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Getting ready for Date Night.

Do your ever have those days when you need a treat? I do. Treats can be such different things, a new lip gloss, newspaper in front of the TV maybe even something simple like your favourite song randomly blaring on to your car radio...

I feel like life is FULL of treats. One of my favourite treats? Dates. I love going on dates. My lovely man and I live together and have been wonderfully coupled for almost two years (in fact, two years on April 14th!), but we still manage to take time out, dress up and go out on dates. We go to dinner and sit and chat - not just about the every day things in life, but we take time and tell stories about ourselves or laugh about our moments together. Dates are wonderful and romantic and whimsical... but also? 

City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,dress,Roxanne Rhinestone DressDates are sexy. 

I love how dates are an excuse to flirt. We hold hands, smile across a table, laugh warmly and even (very simply) touch knees under the table. I adore the lovely personal looks that make my tummy flutter with butterflies. 

Dates with my lovely man, make my heart soar and excite me. There are a lot of things I do for myself on a day to day basis. On date night, I like to look really gorgeous - we might already be a couple, but we can still surprise each other and make sure we maintain the "spark"

There are so many of us gorgeous girls who wear City Chic. So many of us who are sassy, sexy girls who get to wear these clothes and express ourselves.

What is your favourite Date look? If you girls post some suggestions, I will get on the City Chic website and make sure I do a post featuring your outfit choices...

Clearly, for my most recent date, I chose the iconic City Chic Rhinestone Roxanne Dress... this was possibly the hottest dress that came out last year, was featured in Plus Model Mag and is a clear favourite  of mine.

City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,dress,Roxanne Rhinestone Dress

Seriously ladies - throw me your suggestions. I will wear one on this blog - PROMISE! 



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