Royal Blue.

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As I write this blog post, I am sitting in my pajamas fixed in front of the TV for the BBC's coverage of the Royal Wedding here in London. So many keen beans camped out over night, that I knew I would wake up and watch from home. I want a GOOD VIEW.

To be honest, while I am no Royalist, there is something about living in the UK and feeling a part of this excitement, that has really caught me. I love that this is a positive piece of history that we can watch and enjoy - usually, the history we see and have to take note of is quite lacking in celebration! Weddings are something to celebrate.

This last week, over Easter, my Mr. Darcy and I went to Cornwall and had some time by the ocean. The weather was perfect and warm. It felt so strange being in sunshine and by the ocean and not being at Glenelg Beach in Adelaide, or at Bronte Beach in Sydney.

City Chic,Royal Blue,So Cute Dress,Cobalt,Boombands Em,Review

My outfit for you today takes inspiration from Kate Middleton. She has looked stunning in Blue. Indeed, after announcing her engagement (wearing blue) she has worn brilliant and vibrant blues quite a few times in the lead up to her wedding.

City Chic,Royal Blue,So Cute Dress,Cobalt,Boombands Em,Review

As you can see, this is the EVER popular So Cute Dress by City Chic in Cobalt. I love it and I felt so pretty and summery while wearing it...

City Chic,Royal Blue,So Cute Dress,Cobalt,Boombands Em,ReviewI have teamed the dress with one of my absolute staples - a City Chic Shrug (AUS site / USA site), my knee high boots, subtle necklace and swept hair.

This is a really NATURAL dress to wear. Does anyone else feel that? I put it on and it is comfortable, pretty, sexy and feminine. I almost feel effortless in this dress.

Meanwhile, the royal coverage marches on... the wedding starts in just under an hour. Are you excited?

For many of those glued to the TV, by the time you read my post, it will likely be done. What did you think...?

Uh-oh... here comes William! I am too excited and am going to log off.

Just before I go - in a post I did a while back, I wore a City Chic dress in gorgeous blue to a wedding in Liverpool! What is your favourite wedding look? I like feminine elegance!

Ack! So excited! Let me know what you think!

City Chic,Royal Blue,So Cute Dress,Cobalt,Boombands Em,Review

Em. xxx.


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