Inspired by; RIHANNA


Rihanna is an artist that I have only recently taken notice of. I have always heard her songs on the radio and have sung a long to a few but being a Rock Chick at heart I just saw her as another R&B artist. That was until I heard her last two albums 'Loud' and 'Rated R'. Rihanna explores a variety of different musical boundaries, one minute she's poppy, and the next she's rocking out with Slash, this woman has no boundaries and doesn't stick to one particular genre. The same can be said for her fashion sense! Having recently released the video to her new single 'S&M' Rihanna has proved how gutsy and quirky she really is. Is it just me or did anyone else find the S&M video to be a little bit of cute meets sexy? Rihanna is bold, loud, and proud! She is a strong, fearless woman who isn't afraid of pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. Her fashion sense just like her is constantly evolving and never sticks to one set style. I am inspired by Rihanna's boldness, and her ability to command and hold attention; whether she's onstage or being papped by the paparazzi.

I am IN LOVE with City Chic's latest collection ANIMAL INSTINCTS I didn't think anything would WOW me more than Lady Vixen but all things leopard print go straight to that special place in my heart! The Animal Instinct line is a perfect place to start for a Rihanna inspired outfit! Bold, Sexy, Glam, CHIC!


My starting point for my Rihanna outfit is the amazing Sexy Animal Skirt it's so sexy and fierce! Team it with a simple Red Chic Cami for a pop of color and, the amazingly hot Military Pleather Jacket to help give you a fearless and bold edge. I love these Shoes they are full of attitude and help bring the outfit together. I would keep accessories simple so you don't draw attention away from the gorgeous leopard print. The Ribbons Pearls Necklace is gorgeous and extremely versatile, it looks very classy but the layering is perfect for this look and adds a perfect touch to the outfit. Like the accessories keep your make up simple, a slick of red lipstick and red nailpolish will compliment the gorgeous Cami, add a touch of eyeliner to finish your look. I could see myself wearing this outfit on a night out with the girls, full of dancing and a few drinks. Match it with Rihanna's fearless attitude and you will definitely command the attention you deserve! If you are conscious of your legs then never fear, City Chic have a great range of Leggings that will keep with the style of this outfit. The skirt is very versatile and the outfit options are endless, you could even team it with a Puff Sleeve Top and a pair of flats for a cute shopping/lunch outfit or even a concert outfit! Never be afraid to step outside the box and try new things, what might not appeal to you on a clothes hanger or on a website might just capture your heart when you try it on! The best thing about fashion is there are no real rights or wrongs it's personal choice and fashion is ALWAYS open to interpretation.

I can't wait to see the other items City Chic releases as part of the Animal Instincts campaign. I'm patiently waiting for the So Cute Contrast dress in leopard! Remember to keep your eyes on the blog and Facebook Page to stay up to date with all things City Chic!

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