Working Girl.

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Lovelies! My life is all go, go, go at the moment... I am not on a contract, as such, but right now am temping on a big animated feature film. I have never worked on an animation, only ever live-action - so it is interesting and a massive, fun learning curve. 

Boombands,Em,Boombands Em,City Chic,citychic,citychiconline,australia,plussize,Curve,Plus-SIze,Clothing,Fashion,Dress,Curvy,Girl,CurvesThe film industry - whether in Sydney, London or LA is a casual, enjoyable place to work. There is always a LOT of work to do, and it is very rarely glamourous, but I love the industry. 

My hours can be long. No kidding. The last film I worked on (Captain America which releases in June) saw me work 15 hour days, six days a week. That is a lot! Now, despite long hours and little sleep, I always want to look and feel great at work. We don't wear suits and many people slouch about in jeans and hoodies (so comfy!), but most days, I try and remember to do my hair, pop on a little makeup and hitch on a comfortable, pretty dress. 

It is important to me.

I work with computers (believe it or not, I am a creative, technical GEEK!!) and have to concentrate most of the day. My work sees me spend most of my day with a very small team of the same people, but I always want to look and feel good. For me. I want to smile at myself in the mirror in the bathroom...

City Chic helps. BIG TIME. Currently, my newest and most favourite dress is the Spot Skirt Dress (currently sold out online). I like how comfortable it is, while also structured and formed around my body. The dress came with a belt, but I preferred it without, I also have to accessorize this baby with my Studio Security Pass, which I have to wear around my neck... the pass sits low so works well with the dress. In fact, when not at work, I match this with a longer necklace, more hitting my cleavage.

Boombands,Em,Boombands Em,City Chic,citychic,citychiconline,australia,plussize,Curve,Plus-SIze,Clothing,Fashion,Dress,Curvy,Girl,Curves

City Chic has some awesome options for us working girls. Dresses that aren't too suit based, but allow us to look professional but also feel pretty.  Gosh, City Chic makes me feel so pretty.

What's your favourite work dress like, right now? I BET you look gorgeous in it!



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