Pin Me Up, Lover.

Boombands Em,City Chic,Pin-up,CC,Dress,Plus-size,Plussize

The Pin-Up look is huge in London.

This weekend, I was feeling exhausted and down - my Englishman love, Mr. Darcy, suggested we head to Carnaby Street for a delicious dinner and some relaxation.

I needed to flip my mood on it's head and wanted to look and feel good about myself. I decided to grab my City Chic Spot Doll Pin-Up Dress and make myself feel gorgeous (if you are in the States - head to the Pin-Up section of the site to get your Bettie Page on).

Boombands Em,City Chic,Pin-up,CC,Dress,Plus-size,Plussize

If you come to London and love the Pin-Up look, you need to head to East London and down Brick Lane; it is a smash of great retro stores, markets, food and vintage love. My hairdresser Belinda of The Painted Lady in Redchurch Street (just off Brick Lane) even wrote a Vintage Hair Styling Book!

The area is amazing and gorgeous - one of my favourite places to go is All Star Lanes which is where my closest friend and fellow blogger Bex had a birthday; we had 1950s burgers and (alcohol infused) milkshakes for dinner before bowling the night away. So much fun!

Boombands Em,City Chic,Pin-up,CC,Dress,Plus-size,Plussize

Hmm. And the last time I was down Brick Lane? Wednesday night, for a massive charity event (organised by Bex) which raised over £6500 for Christchurch.

Seriously. If you come to London and want to sneak away from the tourists, head down Brick Lane - explore the streets and go into all those vintage shops - if you are a girl or guy with a penchant for Pin-Up, it will certainly be your thing!

What I wore...

If you are overseas and can't access the .au City Chic site - head to the Stateside store and Pin-Up section now!



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