L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival ~ Part One

I was beyond excited about traveling to Melbourne to witness and photograph City Chic adding sexy curves to the runway during the 2011 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. I spent forever packing and repacking my bags. I felt so out of my depth, all those fashionable people on the streets of Melbourne... my very domesticated wardrobe didn't feel like it could compete. Eventually I chucked a few things in I was happy with and was out the door and heading to the airport.
Sitting on the plane I still had to pinch myself as none of it felt real. I'd be mingling with models, chatting with customers and photographing as much as I humanly could. By some miracle I didn't leave anything at home and had all the gear I needed. I was feeling good and very keen to spend some time bonding with the rest of the team, immersing myself in the industry at such pivotal point in City Chic history. 

Over the next few posts I'll go into more detail about different stages of my trip and bring you all the inside stuff that no one else had access to, so keep an eye out!!!


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