Inspired by; P!NK


P!nk is a rock meets pop chick who demands attention wherever she goes. P!nks music, attitude and style is not for the faint hearted. Biker chick meets rock n roll groupie. I love P!nks attitude and how she says what she likes when she likes and makes no apologies for being who she is, we could all learn a thing or two from her. A P!nk inspired outfit is perfect for a Rock n roll show, with inspiration from P!nk you can be ready for anything!

City Chic's Lady Vixen campaign is one of my favorite collections! I LOVE black and pops of red and I am a rock chick at heart. The collection inspires me to go to a rock show and bring out my inner rock n roll queen. The collection is perfect for a P!nk inspired outfit, come on ladies BRING OUT YOUR INNER ROCK N ROLL QUEEN!!!!


Did you see the action from The L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival on the City Chic Facebook page? How amazing did all of the gorgeous models look!! And let's not forget the other gorgeous things; THE CLOTHES!! What a fantastic assortment of pieces. The City Chic runway show is a huge step forward for plus sized fashion and I am so happy and so proud of everyone involved! I can't wait to hear more about it and to see the clothes instore soon, I have my eye on a few of the jackets and the leopard print skirt!

I am really loving working on these Inspired by posts. I am actually inspiring myself to have a whole new outlook on fashion! It is a bit quiet on the concert front for me at the moment but I did just buy tickets to see Katy Perry in May and I can not wait to see her and to tell you all about it in the coming months!

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