Inspired by; LADY GAGA


When seeking inspiration from musicians sometimes the inspiration comes from their attitude and music more than their fashion sense. Lady Gaga is a prime example of this. There is no way in the world you would catch me rocking out with no pants on or in a lace bodysuit but I LOVE and admire her attitude and the message she tries to portray.

I saw Lady Gaga perform as part of the 'Monster Ball' tour last year (the above photo is one I took at the show). I will never ever forget something that Gaga said that night; “If you ever feel alone or that you don't belong then remember this moment because we are all your friends, you are my little monsters” Lady Gaga Promotes acceptance, individuality, and encourages everyone to be daring and let their freak flag fly. Her new song 'Born this way' is a prime example of this and the message she portrays is clear – we were born this way and we are on the right track because we are who we are and no one can or should change that.

When I saw City Chic's latest campaign; Lady Vamp, I instantly thought of Gaga; the name alone is enough to describe her. The collection has a lot of black on black pieces with pops of red, my favorite being the Puff Slv LBD which is the perfect black dress and can easily be dressed up or down to suit absolutely anyones taste. In March I am inspired by Lady Gaga's approach to life and fashion; quirky, honest, individual and with a killer City Chic dress; fashionable and complimentary to our curves.

'Inspired by' is going to be a monthly blog now. So once again I put this question out to you; Who or what do you seek inspiration from style wise in the music world? It can be anything; an artist, a band, a genre, even a song! I did promise you a P!nk and Rihanna spread and that will be coming so please keep your eyes peeled.

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