Holiday Snap!

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Courtney, Hope and I!

Hello there lovelies! As Dani indicated last week - while I was in Australia, I made it across to Sydney for a little City Chic action. So much fun! I met all my fellow Aussie bloggers, as well as caught up with the amazing City Chic crew (REALLY amazing people) and I also got to meet City Chic model, Courtney Maxwell - who coached me through my first EVER professional photoshoot. It was a really fun day and such a pleasure to see everyone. I felt like an awkward princess during the shoot!

In Australia, it was pretty special to get in to a City Chic store and scope out current trends as well as try things on. In my last post from Adelaide, I showed you the gorgeous Cherry Pie Dress which remains my current fave! I am actually wearing it as I write this blog and just to show you (again) how GREAT it looks, here I am at the Adelaide Oval - looking gorgeous and glam in this awesome and versatile piece (as you can see, I am wearing it with the classic City Chic Party Knit Shrug and a City Chic Belt)

Boombands Em,Em,City Chic,Bloggers,Hope,Courtney Maxwell,CC,plus-size,fashion,Australia,dresses

RED is my current colour favourite. One of the problems with London in winter is how DRAB it gets. I mean, really, really drab. Through winter, colour constants here are black, grey and deep blue and I think sometimes people underestimate how stunning a mere flash of colour can be... I love red, and always ensure I have a little bit peeking through my outfits...

What about you? What colours do you love to add to your outfits for a flash of something sexy? I also love yellow! In winter here in London, yellow makes for a little sunshine on these grey cloudy days!


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