Kate Nash - Brisbane


On Saturday night I attended one of Kate Nash's Australian sideshows for the Playground Weekender Festival. I had been waiting three years to see Kate after making the silly decision to see an Australian band (who I have since seen 5 times) over Kate at Big Day Out in 2008. I am a huge fan of her first album 'Made of bricks' and had started to get into her new album 'My best friend is you'. As I have said in many of my posts I am a HUGE fan of Girl musicians (Lily Allen being my favorite) Kate Nash is also very high up on my list. I would describe her as a polite Lily Allen - she sings very sweetly and is insanely cute! My excitement levels were almost boiling over leading up to her Brisbane Sideshow!

The lights dimmed and Joan Jetts 'Crimson and Clover' began playing loud - this amped up my excitement as I am also a big Joan Jett fan. Out walked Kate Nash looking as cute as ever! Opening with a new song I wasn't familiar with and leading straight into her most recent single 'Do-Wah-Do' I was ready to be wowed! Unfortunately it all went downhill from there for me. I have what I like to call 'Music A.D.D' - when music is concerned I don't handle ballads or slower songs very well and find myself tuning out and daydreaming. At concerts I LOVE to see energy, I love dancing, I love seeing the musicians jump around the stage like they are loving life! Kate looked exhausted and it showed, especially when she forgot the words to one of her songs 'I hate seagulls' and also messed up the verse and chorus of one of my favorite songs 'Birds'. I have never understood how artists can forget their own lyrics especially when they're on tour and sing the same songs in almost the same order nearly every night for months on end. Perhaps I expected too much from Kate's performance or maybe my 'Music A.D.D' took over and I lost interest too quick? I ended up leaving just over half way through the show. I can see how some fans would have loved the show - Kate is very cute and interacted with the crowd very well, and boy can she sing. It just wasn't my 'cup of tea' and next time I think I will stick to dancing around my room to her album.

To say I am in love with my City Chic Spot Rose Broach Jacket is a large understatement! It is amazing. I ADORE this jacket! It fits so comfortably (I got a size L for those who are wondering - just to make sure it does up comfortably and I can move around in it). The cut is perfect and I love the satin feel! We all know Queensland's weather in summer is never jacket friendly but my room has recently had air con installed and I have been sick with a flu so I was feeling the cold a little and decided to wear the jacket. I felt so stylish and so very rock n roll! Of course I didn't last very long wearing it and ended up having to take it off before I got inside The Hifi Bar but come winter this baby is never coming off!!

As you would have read from Danimezza's recent post the girls and I recently met up in Sydney to discuss all things City Chic and blog related. I had a fantastic time meeting the girls and also getting glammed up for my very first photo shoot! There are a lot of changes coming your way so keep your eyes peeled! I can't wait to see the photos from the day and for you all to see what's on the horizon for Inside Chic.

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