Inspired by (part one)

Personally when styling my own outfits I look to musicians for style inspiration rather than models and actresses. I think it's because when you see them perform it's 'real' they are really standing there in all the elements rather than standing in front of a camera about to be airbrushed. Style wise I seek inspiration from Lily Allen (can you tell?). Not long ago I posted a request on the City Chic Facebook Page asking who you seek inspiration from style wise in the music world. The majority of City Chic fans admired Katy Perry's cute style and my own favorite Lily Allen. I wanted this post to be a little helping hand, yes we all are curvier ladies but with a few fantastic City Chic pieces there is no reason why we can't dress like our favorite popstar!!

Lily Allen has come a long way style wise over the past few years. Gone are the days where she was skipping through the streets of London in a maxi dress and trainers in her LDN clip. Lily's style just like her has matured over the years and has become sexy and sophisticated. Lily is the epitome of 'English Cool' and her behind the scenes and red carpet look is polished and oozes femininity. Inside City Chic's fashion blogger Hayley is a big fan of City Chic's Drape Side Rachel Maxi and recently blogged about it. As you can see this City Chic dress is almost an exact match to the dress Lily was wearing at the GQ Awards.

Lily Allen



The City Chic Pin Up Girl collection is perfect for a Katy Perry inspired outfit. Katy's modern take on vintage and pin up inspired fashion ejects a freshness into the music world. Katy manages to make cute and quirky pieces look adult rather than too cutesy and childish. The City Chic Cherry Pie Dress is perfect for a Katy Perry inspired pin up look! If you feel a little self conscious about your arms a shrug can always be added and will still keep with the 'Katy Perry style'.

Well there you have it ladies. Two outfits inspired by two very different artists. Make sure you keep reading Inside Chic in the coming weeks to find some P!nk and Rihanna inspired outfits!

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